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Okay, okay. I'm not suggesting that you just take someone in off the streets. I am suggesting to all you upcoming college freshman (or those going to college soon!) to consider getting a random roommate! I know it's not the favored approach, but I never regretted my decision to go "rando" and this sound clip from NPR says that it actually might make you a more successful person! A short snippet of the conversation: "It can take a rando roommate, someone you have nothing in common with, to teach you that you're interested in these things. One thing he and others have found is that if you have a roommate who's smarter than you and has better study habits, they can slightly improve your GPA - slightly improve your study habits. If you have a roommate who comes from a lower socioeconomic place than you do, living with them will make you more supportive of sort of redistributive policies - of ways of reducing the wealth gap." You could also drag each other DOWN but chances of that are slimmer, so suite up and prepare yourself for a random friend: you never know what you'll end up into! (Somehow, I've started slacklining.....totally blaming Elizabeth for that one...)
I didn't go away for college, but I wish I did simply for the dorm room experience.
@AgentCory its definitelt helpful! having a roommate is often like having an instant friend to face the rest of the school with!
I won't have to worry about this too too soon, but it's still good advice for when college eventually happens. I'm kinda bad at making friends, but maybe this would help especially in a new environment like that c:
@spudd Insane roommates are the most fun!! @caricakes For sure, after that the benefit is somewhat lost but the first year is key! @flymetothemoon it's a really fun experience, but there are other ays to meet new kinds of people! @onesmile that's awesome :)
I had random roommates two years in a row, and they definitely helped extend my friend circles! We all came to school knowing others, so we were able to introduce each other to them and it just kept expanding. If i had just lived with a friend, this would have been much more limited.
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