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It’s the classic. It’s the SATC staple. I love it because back when she wore it, nobody else was wearing tulle like that. It was decidedly out-of-current-trend and she chasséd down the street like she just didn’t give a damn. That’s what I love most about Carrie and what I’ve tried to emulate from her: she does what she wants and she doesn’t justify it.
This might be my favorite collection ever @ChristinaBryce!!
@pixiedust I wonder if mayyyybee they caused that change with the show? Haha!
Ohh, this is fun!! I don't think I'd pull off the pink shirt but I love the tulle
City princess clothes!
Absolute love this! What I loved about this show was the fashions, they were always so ahead of the trends in things that seemed crazy at the time (like this skirt) but just wait a couple of months of even a year and it's all over the stores.