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I found this opinion piece by professor Richard Kearney intriguing because he wasn't worried about social media's effect on our way of speaking, thinking, or seeing the world, but rather its effect on our physical bodies. With the heightened popularity of dating apps that allow you to interact with people before meeting physically, Kearney argues that social media is separating ourselves from our own physical forms. While our bodies used to be vehicles for our brain and soul, we now interact through another vehicle, the internet. He ends his piece with a call to action: "Full humanity requires the ability to sense and be sensed in turn: the power, as Shakespeare said, to “feel what wretches feel” — or, one might also add, what artists, cooks, musicians and lovers feel. We need to find our way in a tactile world again. We need to return from head to foot, from brain to fingertip, from iCloud to earth." Here's the article: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/08/30/losing-our-touch/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
@sophiamor that definitely makes it more difficult. Even email feels more personal to me than facebook, though! Sometimes I like to think "if I lived in the 1700s, how would I handle it?" haha but I think I might just have no friends if they don't live near by!!!
@galinda @onesmile I agree but with how much I travel I dont think its possible :(
@galinda I'd much rather keep a relationship totally face to face and off of social media, if possible
@onesmile definitely! Chatting with someone online and chatting face to face are totally different!
It's funny, because sometimes I find myself nervous to meet someone in a certain area of online, even though we've met in person? Does that even make sense?
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