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Any trip to visit Cari in NYC isn't complete without a visit to "our house." I love this place mostly because you pay by weight, so you can mix and match whatever you want and eat all the foods you've been missing! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a lot of different Korean foods in one go! ------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer: Me
Mmmm Japchae!
That looks amazing. I think my favorite thing about Koreatown is how close it is to Times Square. You can get lunch at an awesome Korean restaurant and then walk over to all the Midtown tourist spots.
@pixiedust I've never been in that area sadly but if you do a quick search I bet you could find something!! There are koreas everywhere :)
That all looks delicious! I wonder if there's anything like that out in the AZ part of the world, I would to try Korean food sometime. Do you know of anything @hikaymm?
@danidee Exactly haha! I'm not a NY native but when I visit I want to hit the tourist spots without /really/ being touristy. so going here is a great way to do that :P