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With over 3.3 million active players on the internet when this article was written (according to PlayerCounter) It's not surprising that Minecraft is one of the most played games ever. (Did you know that the Minecraft China edition has been downloaded over 500 million times?)

It's a game that has infinite possibilities, which creates endless possibilities for funny and spicy memes. The Minecraft community has been creating great memes for a long time, from clean to dirty, straightforward to super creative even in the delay of the Minecraft movie itself: Minecraft fans celebrate the movie adaptation's non-release by making memes.

Turns out the real Minecraft movie was the friends we made all along

There's always something players can be a part of, no matter how many hours they play. This is perfectly displayed in memes. As a player, I've seen a lot of memes, and I have collected my top, most hilarious Minecraft memes found on Reddit for your viewing pleasure!

Our top Minecraft memes on Reddit at the moment:

1. Vicious Cycle Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/WhiteDay_20 or/OpenTower291 via Reddit.com

We've all been there; months of unending play and thinking about your tiniest world day and night and wishing to continue the adventure. You accomplish the task you've set for yourself, a huge feat. Then you become bored. You might even quit the game for a few minutes but, sooner or later, the itch to play comes back.

2. Creeper Panik Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/EnoughDig9, via Reddit.com

Maybe you're in the depths and discover an ender mineshaft or dungeon or perhaps you're miles from home and discover an entirely new habitat or structure that you want to move there. But wait! But wait! You panic and smash the bed to secure your place, then BOOM! That's enough for now.

3. Faster Than Light Minecraft Meme

u/NASCARBigFan 200 via Reddit.com

You'd think there would be no one who could keep pace with you, given the popularity of maps for parkour and the craftability of potions to boost your speed. The Baby Zombie is a cheeky little ankle-biter .... smiles at you.

4. Stonks Minecraft Meme

u/One-Introduction-472 via Reddit.com

*villager noises* STONKS *villager noises*.

5. Loki Mining Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/st0p_th1s through Reddit.com

Pain. Nothing is more unpleasant than mining for hours with nothing but Cobblestone and Dirt to show for it. There's always the chance that you'll discover an Diamond just behind the next block.

6. Leather Armor Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/Cybertron3oo via Reddit.com

There isn't much that isn't scary to me. But what's that thing you're talking about? Who are the ones who create leather armor first? They make me nervous. Why would you do this? !

7. Pollution Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/Poporc_DuGroin through Reddit.com

Everything was beautiful and natural and we could have preserved it. Are we... the bad guys? Don't think about it too hard ....

8. Taking Inventory Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/Mrman42069 via Reddit.com

There are things in the world that aren't meant to be publicized. How 16.2 percent of players haven't opened their accounts while playing Minecraft is just one of them.

9. FREHTML5 Bow Decisions Minecraft Meme

Credit: u/IdontspeakEnglish44 via Reddit.com

Of all the things to limit in Minecraft, having to choose between OP enchantments is a horrible one. Why?! What should I choose? !

10. Elytra Fail Minecraft Meme

For those of us who have older hardware, the second freeze during the world chunks update could prove to be a problem. We just wanna glide around with ease! *cries in old laptop noises*

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