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Mark my words even if you're an engineer in Apple.. About the iPhone 6, yeah every single person in the world is craving for it. Tim Cook, WELL DONE!
Well I'm not sure I agree with all of this, but if the message is that manners, etiquette, and interaction are more important than technology I can certainly get behind that?
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That's what a human should do.. iPhones and sorts of technology....we all can buy them or even get them for free... but, manner...WE CAN'T BUY WITH A CENT.. You broke your iPhone, you can actually buy a new and latest one..but if you broke your manner...THAT'S ACTUALLY YOU, YOURSELF... Mark my words...
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hmmm, yes, I agree. ..material things are replaceable...but who we are as a person...and our character traits can not be bought. Interesting...
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