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There is so much to do in London that I like to save money on meals to do everything else! Even if you enjoy fine dining, it's smart to find some reasonably priced restaurants for breakfast or lunch so you can enjoy that very expensive dinner without wondering how you'll pay off the credit card bill when you get home! Time Out London shares a list of reasonably priced restaurants and cafes each year. Here are just a few that I'd like to try: Regency Cafe in Pimlico for a traditional greasy English fry up Lanzhou Noodle Bar near Leicester Square for steaming noodle soups Seoul Bakery on the edge of Soho and Holborn for what Time Out calls the cheapest bi bim bap in London Cafe Below in the crypt of St. Mary le Bow Church in Cheapside for basic lunch at a decent price (Many other churches have reasonably priced cafes, too.) Bi Bim Bap with two locations in Soho and Fitzrovia for bi bim bap, of course! Hummus Brothers in Soho for great bowls of hummus with assorted toppings Orchard in Bloomsbury for tasty vegetarian meals Food for Thought in Covent Garden for mostly vegetarian staples Fleet River Bakery in Holborn for sandwiches and yummy desserts Check the link for more, and remember, some of these smaller places are cash only. http://www.timeout.com/london/food-drink/best-cheap-eats-in-central-london
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Hummus Brothers sounds fantastic. When is my flight?