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Panda and hedgehog hidden Scripture
First of all, I want to say that I really love the show.... I like the characters and the flow of the story. From the beginning, I know that the you will get a lot of life lessons from the story and will bring encouragement to the viewer. While watching ep 3, I noticed something written in the window pane.. "John 3 :16"... it made me smile!
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I totally agree its cute! :) Well, I think its John 3:16 from the Bible. :) Anyway, I'm not watching the show because of that, I just happen to notice it. :) Can anyone of our korean leaders here make a live recap of ep 4.... I'm satisfied just reading the recaps. Eng sub is taking quite some time. :)
Hi Neaa. I just finished watching ep 4, and I want more!!!! The only problem in watching ongoing drama is waiting for the next episodes to come out. I really love this drama!!!
@elisaalcaide14 so true.. i hate this anticipation for upcoming episodes.. a week seems so long..i wish somebody could do instant recap for this show!!!!