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Japanese artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has figured out a way to marry everyone's two favorite things about being a kid - chocolate and Legos! Using a combination of pink, white, milk, and dark chocolates, the artist has been able to assemble a wide range of mini edible sculptures. What would YOU build with edible Legos?
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@onesmile I've seen it a few times before but I wouldn't consider it TOO common!
OMGGGGGG THIS IS AMAZING!!! where can I get these @danidee? so cool!
I like the pink choco :3
@AgentCory The artist made them just for the project! I wish they were available for everyone though. I'd build myself all sorts of delicious things!
@danidee Well, I hope we can see more and more edible art :) A great way to get kids to try new art styles too might be to make it edible, right?