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...Curious about this couple? about their love story? Is it for real? Is only something from the past? Let's just wait another 100 days until Hyun Bin will finish his military duty.... What do you think? What do you hope?
ohhhhh this is my favorite scene!!!
@nylamrehs well in a way yes.. people should voluntarily enlist themselves..not be compelled.. because it is better if you really have the love in your heart and then show it..people should go for some country service..but with all their heart.. BUT it really takes a lot of couRage.. hats off to all who do.. great work guys!! BI RAIN.. please come back soon.. we miss you!! rom com definetely.. he'll look good with anybody..he's such a great actor!!'s kinda awesome but at the same time kinda too strict for me.. you can't have any reason to not accept the request unless you have an illness and you can't handle the hardships in military service... or you go to jail..730 days of their lives in military service for their country... wow... i salute them.... for them it's just a normal thing that they know they will do one day... yeah i would love that too... romcom for bi rain's comeback project... bu maybe with a different actress this time...^^
@nylamrehs wow..that's cool.. paying back what you owe your nation.. hope bi rain is back with another fullhouse sorta drama.. i loved him and song hye kyo together
bi rain just went in military service just oct. 11, 2011.. so he's only 10 months in there.. @yeah, i love full house too.. it's great rewatching it if you're bored coz it's really cute and a romcom.. @neaa...yeah.. it's really compulsory to give 2 yrs of their lives in military service for their country...
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