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Totoro Acai Bowl

I was watching my childhood favorite anime "My Neighbor Totoro" (for the 20th time) and enjoying an acai bowl when a fun idea came to me -- I'm going to make a Totoro Acai Bowl! How can I do it?( •ω-)✧
I love acai bowls and this is such a cute idea!!!
@sanityscout I planted jalapeno pepper
@AgentCory Acai don't have much taste by itself, but they taste great with fruit.
I love açaí!!!
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Vegan Restaurants In Malta
Malta is a city quaking with beauty, beaches, and marine life. Though Malta is small, it's a very famous and recognized city throughout the world. Malta has a lot of tourist attractions like the popular Secrets of the Manoel Theatre, Scuba diving, beaches, and not so familiar The Typical Taste of Malta. As Malta is a worldwide attractions tourists from throughout the globe visit, but it becomes challenging for many vegan lovers or eaters to find vegan restaurants that will suit their eating habits and experience their food there. Malta has a range of vegan restaurants as well. Let's browse some of the best vegan restaurants in Malta. 1. Naan Bar: Naan bar is one of the best restaurants in the city of Malta. Naan bar has a lot to provide to its clients. As they intend it, it's a vegan restaurant that blends modern with an ethnic Indian taste. They have chefs from all over India, bringing taste to their food. They claim that their chefs are all more than ten years experienced and bring an aspect to food. The best thing about this place is they have private dining places as well as a commonplace. They have designed private dining for families, couples, and groups. With music and food, this place is recommended as one of the best vegan restaurants. The speciality of this place is its cocktails, and they serve the best cocktails throughout the town. They also have deeply examined authentic recipes. Their recipes are the most different and tasty around the Maltese islands. If you ever visit Naan Bar, do try their cocktails. 2. U & CO Social Café If you've been looking for something different, U &CO gives a luxurious experience. In this great vegan restaurant, guest experiences are located at the centre, and all their needs are requirements are being thought about first. It's an outstanding place for wine and food lovers to meet new people and blend and knowing other people without any devices. They also have a diverse vegan menu with exciting and delicious food choices. They offer a fusion of dishes from breakfast, pasta, snacks, burgers, and ending with desserts. One of their most wondrous dishes to try could be quinoa salad, with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, seasonal leaves, beetroot, black grilled zukkini, olives, chickpeas topped with tahini. To complete the meal, they have a lot of drinking options like coffees, tempting mocktails, and craft beers to give you an amazing and unforgettable experience. They have an amazing authentic breakfast every day, and they are open from 8 onwards. These are one of the best vegan restaurants to visit in Malta.