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I was watching my childhood favorite anime "My Neighbor Totoro" (for the 20th time) and enjoying an acai bowl when a fun idea came to me -- I'm going to make a Totoro Acai Bowl! How can I do it?( •ω-)✧
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@AgentCoryabout yes they don't have a very strong flavor themselves, so if you eat just the berries they taste a little like a raspberry or blackberry but with less flavor if that makes sense. Would you agree @MinaShenCooking?
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What a great video, @MinaShenCooking! I can't wait to make this for my son, although we are all Totoro fans in my family. What did you end up putting in your planter? I would have suggested strawberries or mint :)
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@sanityscout I planted jalapeno pepper
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I'm not good at eating spicy peppers myself, but they do look lively in a garden!
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Your awesome! I absolutely have to try this, I'm a huge Totoro fan.
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