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10 minutes - Entering Bloodstream 20 minutes - Becoming More Alert 30 minutes - Increased Athletic Ability Up to 4 hours - Fat Burning Up to 6 hours - Feeling Good 2-12 hours - Back to Normal 12-24 hours - Withdrawal!
I weaned myself from drinking 3-4 pots a day to only 1 1/2 cups. To wean yourself off of any caffeine, try doing half caffeine anf half non-caffeine. Not did I do this with coffee. I did it with Diet Mnt. Dew and regular diet Mnt. Dew. One caffeine and then caffeine free. Back and forth. I STILL LOVE MY COFFEE!!! IN which it is a must have first thing in the morning! *and maybe I sneak a cup in afternoon if I need a boost* ;-)
@TammyPruitt I definitely weaned myself off of caffeine in sodas, but like you, I still need my morning coffee :)
That 12-24 withdrawal is not good
@mystory121 @agentcory and this is why I prefer tea. Now just have to get my husband to convert.
are the withdrawal symptoms what causes the shakiness sometimes? I don't like coffee because it always make me jittery o~o
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