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10 minutes - Entering Bloodstream 20 minutes - Becoming More Alert 30 minutes - Increased Athletic Ability Up to 4 hours - Fat Burning Up to 6 hours - Feeling Good 2-12 hours - Back to Normal 12-24 hours - Withdrawal!
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i used to like drink coffee but then again i stopped bcos often times i get upset stomach
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I dont drink on empty least with just biscuit or bun it will be ok 馃憤
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@lilivic18 @GetFitwithAmy @Muncleike Same here! If I have more than one cup I am wired and can't stop moving! No way could I go on an empty stomach. I wish I could handle it though because I think that an espresso for breakfast would be so luxurious!
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Well then by the 12th hour I better have another cup because I'm way past normal.
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it takes less then that for me two sips I'm ready to go
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