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Kim Hyo Sun managed to grab the spotlight after her appearance on SBS’ Faith. In the August 21 and 22 broadcasts of Faith, Kim Hyo Sun appeared as the female warrior Mae Hee, the only female in the king’s secret Red Moon Unit. She worked hard with her fellow warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), but then she was brought in front of the tyrannical King Choong Hye. The King ordered her to take off her clothes in front of him. Moon Chi Woo (Choi Min Soo), the leader of the Red Moon Unit, stopped her but was soon cut down, leaving Mae Hee behind to sob over the death of her leader and over how she was the reason he had died. The sad eyes of Choi Young looking on Mae Hee, and Mae Hee’s sorrow at her loss, came on one of the best scenes in Faith so far. Viewers also started to show interest in Mae Hee, asking, ‘Who is Mae Hee?’, ‘Is she supposed to be Lee Min Ho’s lover?’ and ‘When will the love relationships start?’ Her firm back muscles, which showed while she stripped down before King Choong Hye, also surprised her viewers. Kim Hyo Sun previously made issues for being an Oh Yoon Ah look-alike, and is known to be as skilled in martial arts as Jung Seok Won. She is known as the first Korean actress to take on full-fledged action scenes, and became known after showing off a series of surprising kicks on a SKY cell phone commercial in the past. In the SBS drama Painter of the Wind, which starred Moon Geun Young, she appeared as another charismatic female warrior. The actress is fluent in foreign languages, and received love calls from Hollywood agencies for being an actress who could put on great action scenes. Mae Hee plans to delve deeper into her love line with Choi Young in the episodes to follow. In the upcoming August 27 broadcast, she will be getting closer with Choi Young. In the stills from the drama released on August 23, she is shown preparing for a spar standing back to back with Choi Young. Choi Young’s smiles, which are flashed here and there in the other photos, show how happy he was in the past, and are showing a glimpse of the history the two once shared. A rep from the production company said, “This scene is a sad memory Choi Young cherishes, and soon an incident will follow to shake up his life and make him lose the reason he lives. Please show us your support.” Photo credit: SBS
Choi and the Queen, reminds me of the movie Frozen Flower which based on King Gong Min and his queen
justthinking:love to see the scene between the queen and choi its better there's chemistry right?
omg ilike this scene,
I;m glad the actress is getting a shot at the lime light. she's one of the pro's in a sea of idols - NOT that I'm knocking on the validity Idol acting
q hermoso