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Verb '보다' explained
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That helps a lot! I do a lot of self-studying so it's nice to have some of this cleared up. :)
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@danidee if you need any help with your studies, you can get in touch with @maryjane01 or I :) We'll do our best to help!! ^^ Have you seen the Penguin Loves Mev - they're really cute and good reading practice ;)
3 years ago·Reply
@funkystar25 It looks really cool! I'll be sure to check it out. It's a really cute idea. And to be honest, I'm getting a little shaky.
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee when did you start learning? I love meeting other people who learn Korean :D
3 years ago·Reply
@funkystart25 A year and a half ago! I had six months of instruction and one year of self-study.
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