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Despite the terrible CG (computer graphics) and animations in SBS’ Faith, the drama is on the rise with the superb acting from Lee Min Ho, Choi Min Soo, and Kim Hyo Sun. On August 21, Faith recorded ratings of 11.5 percent according to AGB Nielson Research. The fourth episode of Faith rose from its previous rating of 10.3 percent and recorded its highest since premiering on August 13. But the constant rise of ratings isn’t because the production value is high, but because of the enthusiastic performance from the actors. On the viewers’ forums for Faith, along with plenty of criticism to the production staff, there were many posts complimenting Lee Min Ho, Ryu Deok Hwan, and the other actors. In other words, Faith isn’t the number two most watched drama on Monday and Tuesday nights because of the production and writer pairing, but because of the actors’ performances. It’s to the point where producer Kim Jong Hak and writer Song Ji Na should be embarrassed. Faith’s problem is that although it’s a fantasy story, the visuals aren’t able to follow along. The pathetic CG and fake wind that occurred when the door of the sky opened was enough to make the actors embarrassed. Also, it feels like some of the animations from the first episode and onward are being recycled in order to save money on production. Viewers said, “If it weren’t for the narrations of General Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), it would be pretty difficult to watch. I don’t understand why the animation portion is so long.” With Faith resonating the same vibe as a Hong Kong martial arts film of the 80s, viewers are complaining that they’re unable to trust the Kim Jong Hak-Song Ji Na pairing. Despite all that, there’s an overflowing amount of compliments towards the actors. This is Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical/traditional drama) and yet he’s showing a more sharp-eyed and mature acting than before. Kim Hee Sun also succeeded in shutting down acting disputes that always followed her name. Ryu Deok Hwan, who usually appeared in cable shows or movies, managed to attract attention as the king, despite his short stature of 167 centimeters. Not only that, Choi Min Soo, who made a special cameo appearance on August 21, left a strong impression when he cried bloody tears. Kim Hyo Sun is also turning heads with her flawless action scenes and strong charisma in each scene she appears in. Oh Hyun Chul marked his territory as well as the enemy. On the actors’ outstanding performances, viewers commented, “It’s so unfortunate for all the actors who are suffering. I hope that the producer-writer pairing will start paying more attention to the drama and not leave a flaw on their reputation,” “I hope there are no more embarrassing CGs and sloppy storylines,” and “Please make Choi Young’s role in the drama shine more.” Whether or not the staff will start making a better quality drama to make sure the efforts of the cast don’t go to waste, we’ll have to wait and see. Photo Credit: SBS