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Currently starring as the main character in MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate, Shin Min Ah will also be lending her sweet voice for the drama’s soundtrack. Her track, Black Moon will be released on August 22 at noon and will also be featured in the drama. According to the soundtrack production staff, Shin Min Ah’s voice was perfect for the song and she did a great job that the recording only took an hour. “The staff laughed that it was a studio where ghosts come out and usually when ghosts come out, the song does well. She joked that she hopes to see a ghost.” Ironically, Shin Min Ah plays a ghost in the drama, who tries to find out the cause of her death with the help of a magistrate, played by Lee Joon Gi. Arang and the Magistrate airs on Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Photo Credit: MBC
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wednesday ..long time!!