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Open-Air Spa in Australia

Ocean Dreaming Massage at One&Only Hayman Island, Australia The only thing that could make floating in a crystal clear ocean better? Adding a 90-minute spa treatment to the experience. On the private beach of this resort on Hayman Island, you can experience the Ocean Dreaming Massage ($373). From on top of a floating massage table, guests receive full-body massages accompanied by the rocking of gentle waves. Rooms start at $680;
My concerns would be touching the that seaweed clutching at my ankles...and sharks. Oh, and sudden massive waves to knock me out. Other than all that, I'd definitely do this.
If I were a millionaire I would wake up this way every day!
Haha fair point @caricakes, but this sounds absolutely luxurious! Would this be safe though if it's ocean?
Put me on a boogey board and give me a halfway decent massage and I'd be happy. no need for the $373!
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[CLOSED] Announcing: Vingle President Recruitment
--Current recruitment for these Communities has closed. Please check your communities for notifications on the next recruitment period!-- Hello Vinglers! Three months ago, we welcomed our Pioneers who bravely took on the role of first President of their Communities. Now that their term has ended, these Communities will be open for applicants who want to take on the responsibility! The registration period for Presidential Candidates starts December 3 and will end on December 11. Current Presidents are allowed to re-apply for their spot, and new members of the Commuity are encouraged to apply as well! On December 12, your Community will have 1 week to vote. The results of the voting will be released in real time and anonymous of course! If only one person is running for President, they will become President without a vote. To apply: Click the link of the Community you want to apply for below and fill out the application - A.C.E AOMG Astro BAP BTS BamBam Bigflo CROSSGENE Chanyeol Cheerleading ChoiYoungJae Funny Got7 Infinite JJProject Jimin KimYugYeom Kpop MarkTuan NCT NU'EST OnePiece Pentagon Quotes Straykids SuperJunior T.O.P TRCNG TVXQ Travel WINNER iKON If the community you want to be President for is not on the list, visit the Community and see if you can apply to be Pioneer! For Communities with Pioneers that were appointed a bit after the very first round of Pioneers, a "President registration banner" will be posted automatically and notifications will be sent out to remind you that you can apply when their term ends :) Many, many thanks to the wonderful Pioneers that cared so much for their Communities as our very first Presidents! @galinda @caricakes @jazminramirez9 @kpopandkimchi @QueenPandaBunny @immortalartist @Starbell808 @Yugykookie97 @MelissaGarza @Luna1171 @MaeLyn @Sugakookiev @TaylorHill5 @DefSoul1994 @WinKonVIP @Akiramarie13 @QueenyCrossGene @Just2BLoved @BTSMicDrop @Twistedpdnim @HeonyStar @Awkwardjazzy @YulaGyeom @ESwee @Halsyeon @Changkyunie @Kangyoochans @royalpandajedi @SweetDuella @Baekyeol27 @MonstaHyungwonX @LiyahBoon @CLAKPOP @VeronicaArtino Good Luck!
12 Surprising Things to Add to Your Bath
1. Green Tea Bath Recipe- You just need to drop 5-10 green tea bags into your bath while it’s filling. Benefits of a Green Tea Bath- Green tea is well known for its powerful anti-aging benefits. Green tea also has natural antioxidants to detox your body of natural pollutants. 2. Honey Bath Recipe- Pour one cup of honey into your bath while it’s filling. Benefits of a Honey Bath- Adding honey to your bath will moisturize, soften and sooth dry skin. 3. Jello Bath Recipe- Select your favorite flavor of sugar free Jello, add ½ box to your running bath! Benefits of a Jello Bath- Soaking in Jello will not only make your skin smell delicious, it can work miracles on dry skin. Research shows that our mood can be lifted when we inhale fruity scents like watermelon and cherries! 4. Milk Bath Recipe- Add two cups of powdered milk to your bath while it’s filling. Benefits of a Milk Bath- Milk contains lactic acid, which is packed with skin softening properties that leave skin feeling smoother and more resilient. Milk baths are also great for soothing burns and skin after spending too much time in the sun! 5. Olive Oil Bath Recipe- Add three tablespoons of olive oil to your bath while it fills. Benefits of an Olive Oil Bath- When mixed with water, olive oil has the ability to soak deep into your tissues and rejuvenate them. 6. Epsom Salt Bath Recipe- Add 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to running bath water. Benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath- Epsom salts have been known for their powerful ability to relieve aches, pains and sore muscles. Soaking in a bath of Epsom salts will also help reduces muscle inflammation. 7. Oatmeal Bath Recipe- To avoid turning your bath into a giant bowl of porridge, place oatmeal into a tea ball or similar enclosure. Benefits of an Oatmeal Bath- Oatmeal acts as an excellent, all-natural skin softening addition to your bath. 8. Lavender Bath Recipe- Fill a tea bag with dried lavender or put a few drops of lavender essential oil into your running bath. Benefits of a Lavender Bath- The natural properties in lavender are famous for their ability to relieve stress & tension. 9. Lemon Bath Recipe- Squeeze and drop 5-6 lemons into your running bath. If you don’t have lemons, 3/4 cup of bottled lemon juice will work. Benefits of a Lemon Bath- The healing agents in lemons will refresh & revive tired skin. Lemons will also cool the skin, and help tighten large pores! 10. Ginger Bath Recipe- Add one tablespoon of fresh, chopped ginger to your running bath. Benefits of a Ginger Bath- Bathing in a bath of ginger will ease sore muscles, eliminate toxins from the body. The natural anti bacterial properties in ginger will help sweat out colds, flues, and congestion. 11. Baking Soda Bath Recipe- Add 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda to your running bath. Benefits of a Baking Soda Bath- Baking soda acts as a gentle, soothing agent which will sooth & calm irritated skin. 12. Cinnamon Bath Recipe- Drop 3-4 sticks of cinnamon into your running bath. If you don’t have sticks, place ¼ cup of ground cinnamon in a cheesecloth and drop it into your bath. Benefits of a Cinnamon Bath- The natural properties in cinnamon will remove toxins from the body (especially after an illness). Cinnamon baths will invigorate the spirit and elevate your mood.
Travel Bucket List
Hey everyone! Ever sense I could remember I have always wanted to travel, it is my dream to see the world and experience everything earth has to offer. This is why I need your help: Help me construct a bucket list by answering this question: What is your most favorite place to go? (vacation or for other reasons) Everyone can give as many places as you want but make sure that it is specific. So if you chose China; What part? Any specific things or places there that make it your favorite? Thank you so much to any who participate, it means a lot to me and I hope one day I can cross off every one of your places off the list. :) If you don't want to be tagged anymore just message me :) Also take a look at @danidee on Vingle! @JPBenedetto @ButterflyBlu @deilig @buddyesd @araiannagorniak1 @NSSagasshi @Taijiotter @VixenViVi @InPlainSight @candyland1986 @MinionPeach17 @PurpleChick @jokes @RaquelArredondo @Marichel @mistymaity @Karthikkrazzy1 @RajeshSamel @GalaxyTacoCat @VeronicaArtino @DeniseiaGardner @B2STANG88 @purplem00n23 @Arellano1052 @shantalcamara @TerrecaRiley @FabiolaGavina @adorkabledolly @CassidyCathell @kpoplover1995 @kisnow @sugajin94 @ElizabethT @ParkMeiFan @netchiBates @fallendendenjr @BluBear07 @EmilyMurphey @loftonc16 @JessicaChaney @WiviDemol @HardikPatel @SreeniNair @missvicky69 @biancaP @tyragallegos10 @EllieDean @esmeraldagutirr @Amye1 @DaniVO @MattK95 @Matokokepa @Narissatayy @CandaceJordan @missophiestik @Animaniafreak @GingerMJones @MauSenpai @crazyflames12 @FallenDeath @ZoeMe @EricaRFonseca @AkiraCondry @nikkinjg @doraga @JonPatrickHyde @biancadanica98 @malibella @Safaa12 @DenieceSuit @SarahVanDorn @misskurmet82 @chris98vamg @wjdeogks76 @RobertMarsh @nenegrint14 @Rhia @smnthcarter773 @NoSixJersy @MimiZu17 @jcl4rks0n @vanemunos @MissB82 @VIPforever123 @YessicaCardenas @jiggzy19 @TheGreenEyedPup @vuihi @UrShawol @amobigbang @ChristopherSuta @esha @wllmvns @NishatH @CleoHoney @AimeeH @notgucci3 @JezziCrypt @KellyOConnor @LeilaB @hopeismyanchor @AluSparklez @KiKi29 @VarunNambiar @EdenSisco @EugeneAngleber @LAVONYORK @KendaylBasden @KpopGaby @amandamuska @NerukaWong @BiblioLady
3 luxury sustainable spas in Bali
Bali has a lot of spas; in some areas, every third shop is a spa. All varieties of spas can be found as well -- from local to international award winning spas. In recent years, a lot of people have become more conscious of what they put on their skin. The skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it, so with increasing amounts of chemicals in many products, it can lead to allergies or worse. One way to avoid this is to choose a spa that uses naturally made products and takes an approach that is kind to your skin. Local Indonesian jamu (traditional medicine) methods have always done this but a few luxury spas in Bali not only use natural products but also take the spa experience to a new level of comfort. The Spa at Alila Soori Villas The Spa is housed in a sustainably built house with a view of the Indian Ocean in front. Entering this warm and opulent hideaway, the central spa area is dominated by a beautiful pool that instantly adds a sensuously relaxed atmosphere. The traditional Balinese Beauty Ritual is two hours of pure bliss. Balinese lulur is an ancient village remedy with its origins from the rice farmers of Bali that is recognized as traditional medicine. The treatment is believed to help warm the body, relieve aching joints and help in the recovery of troubled or loose skin. Locally sourced sandalwood, fennel seed, star aniseed, eaglewood and fenugreek are blended together to use during this healing remedy. It is a 60 minutes Balinese Massage, body scrub, body mask and mini facial. The massage uses natural oils and you can choose a beautiful aromatic blend to suit your mood. After the massage, you are gently scrubbed using the herbal warming mixture and then wrapped in a cocoon while the gently heated massage table ensures every pore is cleansed and every muscle relaxed. The therapist performs a revitalizing mini facial as you relax on this wave of warmth. Not only do you feel like you are floating on a cloud after the treatment, but you are also assured that only the most natural ingredients have been used during this process. If you loved the products used, there are a wide range of Alila Spa products for sale to take with you. A particular favorite is the Black Volcanic Soap that is made from Balinese volcanic lava. Ojas Spa, COMO Shambhala Estate This famed wellness retreat outside Ubud is the ultimate luxury hideaway in the forest with an ethos based around holistic principles. If you are not staying here, you can come and get pampered at the beautifully serene Ojas Spa. Ranges of treatments are offered here, including hydrotherapy and Ayurveda treatments. This Zen space is very soothing and, set among vast sounding grounds; it is a quiet retreat to indulge in a treatment. Signature massages are done using specially blended oils made on the estate, sourced from local products and 100 percent natural. The Shambhala signature massage is an hour-long treatment and uses innovative long strokes and medium pressure to both relax and revive spirit and mind. Set in a light airy room looking onto a garden, complemented by clean lines to leave the mind uncluttered, this deeply therapeutic technique performed by a highly skilled therapist feels more like a four handed massage thanks to the expertise of the therapist. This is a deeply relaxing and aromatic experience that leaves the skin smooth and supple. Facials are also available using a range of their homemade products called PURIFIES. These products are based on the principles of aromatherapy, incorporating only premium grade oils free of parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and color. The PURIFY Holistic Facials are deeply calming and catered to your skin type using these products, along with steam and specialist massage techniques to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Not only are the products used at the Ojas Spa kind to your skin, but also to the surrounding environment. Fivelements Puri Ahmisa This healing hotel is located just outside Ubud in a scenic spot with the river flowing through. The spa is perched right along the riverbank so you hear the flow of water easing past as you are experiencing some incredibly therapeutic and natural treatments. This award-winning spa is unique in that not only does it have a wide variety of beauty treatments, but also healing rituals are on offer from Balinese healers and priests. This means that both body and soul can be nurtured naturally in this wonderful sustainably built bamboo spa. Acupressure with Pak Ketut is designed to trigger the body’s self-healing abilities and uses energy transfer to help heal. After starting with transference of energy, the ritual is designed to relieve both physical and mental strain. This can relieve deep-seated tension and trigger the healing process. The healing rituals harness the power of both natural herbal ingredients and energy. The beauty rituals use a wide variety of natural elements found throughout Bali. Probably one of the most healing plants is the coconut. Virgin coconut oil is one of the most healing oils, naturally antibacterial and nourishing. The Coconut Harmony treatment is a deep massage with this oil, followed by a moisturizing bath of coconut milk, the pure blended aromatic Shakti Oil and scattered with Frangipani flowers. A hewn rock bath gently sheltered by foliage looks over the flowing river below melding nature and the spa together. This wonderful bamboo structure is open meaning that it is a totally sensory experience within nature.
경기도에서 즐기는 이색 데이트 코스 BEST 5
매번 데이트 코스 정하기 쉽지않죠? 고민하시고 계신다면 바로 여기로 걱정하지말고 놀러가세요~ 경기도에서 즐기는 이색 데이트 5가지 코스를 추천합니다!! 1. 광주 화담숲 도시를 떠나 숲 속을 걷는 것 자체로 힐링!! 소중한 사람과 함께 가을 숲길을 같이 걸으면서 이야기꽃을 피워 보세요~ 단풍으로 물든 예쁜 가을 풍경을 느끼며 감성에 젖어보아요 2. 남양주 물의 정원 날씨가 화창한 요즘 여기로 놀러 가보세요~ 가을 분위기가 물씬 나고 억세 꽃과 코스모스로 정원 가득 채워져 강과 어울려진 전경이 멋지답니다 여기 안 가면 나만 손해 어서 겨울 되기 전에 놀러 가보세요~~ 3. 고양 플랜테이션 연인이나 가족 등 남녀노소 즐길 수 있는 글래핑을 할 수 있는 고양 플랜테이션은 인위적인 꾸밈이 없어 부담 없이 편하게 주변 경치를 구경 할 수 있어요 밤에 빛나는 별빛축제도 꼭 놓치지 마세요 좋아하는 사람과 손잡고 이번 기회에 가보시는 건 어떨까요? 4. 파주 퍼스트 가든 고급스러운 로마풍의 건물과 공원을 조화롭게 만들어 드라마 세트장으로도 쓰일만큼 유명합니다 대규모 복합문화시설이라 다양한 볼거리가 많아요 연인이나 가족이랑 가셔서 같이 즐겨 보세요~ 5. 양평 구둔역 옛날 그대로 보전돼있어 폐역 그대로의 멋을 느낄 수 있어요 전철길 옆에 있는 꽃은 얼마나 아름다운지 사방천지가 포토존!! 옛날 설레는 첫사랑 기분을 내고 싶다면 여기로 가보세요~
In-N-Out Comes To Australia; Sells Out Instantly
Thanks to the glory that is social media, 'foodie' culture has allowed for plenty of marketing potential in the restaurant industry. When we have a good meal (or, at least, an incredibly aesthetically pleasing one), we take a picture for Instagram, we check-in on Facebook, we leave a review on Yelp. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by, 50% of adults aged 18 - 32 years said they become aware of particular foods and restaurants via social media. Which is why, when California fast food chain In-N-Out Burger made its way to Australia this week, the results were unlike anything you would've expected in a pre-Facebook generation. Because of their viral success, In-N-Out is able to open 'pop up' shops all around the world, allowing local food porn enthusiasts just four hours to be able to try their famous burgers for themselves. Because of the limited time and the increasing concept of 'FOMO', the lines are understandably huge, and Sydney, Australia's case was no different. (Aussie food blogger Rebecca Sullivan called it "herd mentality in its most embarrassing form." I call it, "How dare you underestimate the majesty of a dope-ass hamburger!") Unfortunately, the In-N-Out pop-up only had enough ingredients to make 300 or so burgers, so employees gave out wristbands to the first 300 people in line, and then sent everyone else on their way. (Will this make them rue the day they met In-N-Out? Will this only make them try harder next time? Who knows.) But, as a Californian, this whole event had me thinking: Have you had In-N-Out before? Do you want to try In-N-Out? If you don't live near one, and an In-N-Out pop-up came to your neighborhood, would you try to go? Let me know in the comments below what YOU think, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
Lonely Planet bình chọn top 10 khách sạn tốt nhất tại Việt Nam
Lonely Planet đã bình chọn top 10 khách sạn tốt nhất tại Việt Nam. Trong danh sách, hầu hết các khách sạn đều nằm ở các thành phố lớn của Việt Nam như Hà Nội, Hải Phòng, Huế, Hội An, Nha Trang, Đà Lạt, Phú Quốc, và Cần Thơ. Những khách sạn này có cả dịch vụ tuyệt vời và giá tốt. Để làm cho các tour du lịch Việt Nam của bạn hoàn hảo hơn và khó quên, chuẩn bị cho chỗ ở tốt là một trong những bước quan trọng. Mới đây, Lonely Planet - một trong những trang web du lịch hàng đầu thế giới đã bình chọn 10 khách sạn tại Việt Nam là nơi tốt nhất để lựa chọn. Bạn đang băn khoăn đặt phòng khách sạn tại Việt Nam cho kỳ nghỉ hè năm nay? Hãy xem 10 khách sạn tốt nhất ở Việt Nam theo đề xuất của Lonely Planet như những người yêu quý. 1. Khách sạn Hà Nội Tirant Hanoi Tirant Hotel là một trong những khách sạn bốn sao tại Hà Nội. Tọa lạc tại 36-38-40 Phố Gia Ngư ở trung tâm phố cổ Hà Nội và gần hồ Hoàn Kiếm cũng như Nhà hát lớn Hà Nội, khách sạn Hà Nội Tirant có một vị trí đắc địa là mong muốn của nhiều doanh nhân địa phương. Ngoài việc mang đến cho khách du lịch sự thuận tiện trong việc đi lại, khách sạn còn mang đến nhiều tiện ích, khiến cho một lượng lớn khách du lịch chọn ở tại khách sạn Hà Nội Tirant. Đồ nội thất và sàn trong phòng được làm bằng gỗ, tạo cảm giác an toàn và thoải mái. Khách sạn, vào buổi sáng, cung cấp một loạt các bữa ăn sáng từ các món ăn truyền thống của Việt Nam đến đồ ăn nhanh phương Tây. Dịch vụ ăn tối trong phòng luôn có sẵn. Giá phòng từ 59USD / đêm. Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm bài viết về địa điểm du lịch tại Hà Nội tại đây >>> 2. Khách sạn Hà An Tọa lạc tại số 06-08 đường Phan Bội Châu Hà An Hotel là một trong những khách sạn 2 sao được yêu thích tại Hội An. Với sự thanh lịch và tinh tế, khách sạn Hà An mang đến cảm giác lưu trú tại một biệt thự ở nông thôn chứ không phải khách sạn. Mỗi phòng được trang trí theo phong cách khác nhau. Tất cả các phòng đều có tầm nhìn ra vườn với khu vườn trung tâm tuyệt vời. Nhân viên của khách sạn được đào tạo chuyên nghiệp. Họ luôn sẵn sàng thỏa mãn nhu cầu của khách du lịch khi lưu trú tại đây. Khách sạn Hà An là khoảng 10 phút đi bộ đến Phố cổ Hội An. Giá là hợp lý, chỉ từ 63USD / đêm. 3. Khách sạn Flamingo Suites Hà Hà Khách sạn Nha Trang Tọa lạc tại số 3 / 2Tran Quang Khai, khách sạn Flamingo Suites Hà Hà Nha Trang là một "địa chỉ đỏ" nơi có một lượng lớn du khách ba lô học thuộc lòng khi đi du lịch Nha Trang. Khách sạn Flamingo Suites Hà Hà Hotel Hà Trang luôn đầy khách, vì hai lý do: view đẹp và giá cả hợp lý. Khách sạn nằm rất gần bãi biển, nhà hàng và quán bar, 3 phút đi bộ. Ngoài ra, mặc dù giá phòng rẻ, 36 phòng của khách sạn được trang bị đầy đủ tiện nghi hiện đại: thang máy, giường thoải mái, cáp TV và Wi-Fi ... Giá phòng từ 8 USD / đêm. Khách du lịch sẽ luôn được hưởng sự thoải mái và an toàn khi đến với khách sạn Flamingo Suites Ha Ha Hotel Nha Trang. Đó là lý do tại sao khách sạn luôn được xếp hạng trong danh sách khách sạn hàng đầu của Lonely Planet và TripAdvisor. 4. Khách sạn AVani Hải Phòng View AVani Hải Phòng Harbor View Hotel - một khách sạn 4 sao ở Hải Phòng - tọa lạc tại số 12 đường Trần Phú - một vị trí thuận tiện, gần trung tâm giải trí, Bảo tàng Hải Phòng, Nhà hát lớn Hải Phòng, Sân vận động Lạch Khay và Chùa Du Hằng ... Nó mất khoảng 20 phút để đi từ sân bay quốc tế Cái Bi đến khách sạn. Hầu hết các tiện nghi trong phòng được làm bằng gỗ. Mỗi phòng đều được trang bị tốt với cáp TV, minibar và máy pha cà phê ... Có một danh sách đồ uống cho bạn lựa chọn. Ngoài ra, khách sạn có hồ bơi ngoài trời, Mandara Spa và công viên. Giá phòng tại khách sạn là từ 120USD / đêm. Xem thêm >>> Xem thêm >>> Xem thêm >>> 5. Khu hành hương Village Boutique Resort & Spa Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa tọa lạc tại 130 Minh Mang. Khu nghỉ dưỡng cũng được đặt tên là Làng hành hương, ở ngoại ô thành phố Huế. Nó cực kỳ yên tĩnh với không khí trong lành và khung cảnh nông thôn thuần khiết. Bạn sẽ có rất nhiều lựa chọn khi lưu trú tại đây: ở trong túp lều, nhà gỗ, biệt thự và nhà ở. Tất cả được bao quanh bởi một khu vườn xanh tươi. Một số nơi tại khu nghỉ mát cung cấp dịch vụ miễn phí. Trong khu nghỉ mát, có hai nhà hàng và ba quán bar. Ngoài ra, spa tại khu nghỉ mát sẽ cung cấp cho khách du lịch nhiều hoạt động và chương trình thú vị. Đây là một khu nghỉ mát lý tưởng ở Huế với bầu không khí trong lành và dịch vụ hiện đại. 6. Khu nghỉ dưỡng & Spa Vedana Lagoon Tọa lạc tại khu phố 1, thị trấn Phú Lộc gần đầm phá Tam Giang, Vedana Lagoon Wellness Resort & Spa nằm giữa Huế và Hội An. 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I Was Stalked and Filmed on a Subway? :(
Recently I had a very creepy experience on the subway. A had a very odd man sit next to me and start filming me secretly (though obviously not so secretly since I noticed) He also tried to follow me but luckily I tricked him. For more info you can check the video below. **this is not common AT ALL in Korea, it only happened to me in Seoul because that's where I live. This could, and does, happen all over the world no matter what culture~** What I hope you take from this: 1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If someone sits next to you (even if it seems totally normal) just take a millisecond to recognize that - don't just stay zoned in on your phone. 2. If you feel uncomfortable - get up and move. I didn't do this but I should have. I didn't need to "prove" he really was creepy, regardless of if he was or not, I have every right to just move away. 3. If someone made you feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and keep an eye on them in some way. If I hadn't noticed him earlier, he might have followed me off the train without me knowing. 4. Let someone know where you are and what was up. Even if its just texting a close friend that is dependable "hey I'm at XYZ bus stop, there was a weird guy on the bus lol" just so someone knows. In case something happens to you, it could help people find you. 5. If you see something weird happening to another girl, try to do something. When I see guys getting too close to girls on crowded trains I always try to make it seem like I'm with the girl too so he's outnumbered, or I stare them down so they know they aren't being sneaky. Be safe out there everyone, and just be alert :)