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When I first heard of this app in an android forum, I suddenly got excited and purchased it (Yep, it's a paid app and I'm an impulse buyer) because it is like playing just dance or dance central right through your smartphones and tablets. And as far as I know, this is the first app with this kind of motion technology. Powered by Majesco Entertainment, this app is available on Google Play for Php 222.83 ($ 5.11). Pros: -Portability (you can play and dance whenever and wherever you like) -Motivates you to exercise the Zumba way Cons: -It is a paid app with in-app purchases (the purchase of the app comes with only up to 20 minutes of songs and if you want too add more music packs, you have to buy it). -You can hardly see yourself in a smartphone because the screen is quite small. It is highly recommended on tablets. -According to user reviews of the app, they experienced some problems in the games: force close, bugs, didn't track their gestures, etc. (Though it worked perfectly with my GT-P3110). -There is no party mode, 1 person can only dance. Overall verdict: 3/5. It is a must try. I enjoyed this app for quite some time. But in-app purchases in a paid app sounds crazy to me unless you are satisfied with the free tracks included in the app. It is also available on iOs. What do you guys think of this app? Share your thoughts. Over and out!
@flymetothemoon It works on smartphones. Using a tablet is just an option. :)
@cutespy I can see me wanting to use this in my hotel room on a trip or something, though!!
This actually sounds like a lot of fun! Bummer I don't have a tablet :/
I've never tried this but it sounds pretty cool? I don't like the idea of having to pay for every new pack of songs, though -_- seems like too much!
What a fun way to get a workout done! And a really helpful review @CuteSpy, it sounds like it was good but maybe not the best? Has anyone else tried this?
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