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Here are two tutorial maps I find really helpful when planning out facial proportions. As you can see, there is a harmony between the width of the nose and generally how the eyes should be placed. The face also tends to be sectioned into a series of thirds. I feel like both maps tend to be versatile enough for both realistic portrait drawing and cartooning/comic art, so I hope that artists who enjoy either are able to take something from these when attempting their next project!
@danidee Ok! I'll trust that and give it a try, thanks :)
@timeturnerjones Yeah, the calculations involved in realistic figure drawing can be sort of intimidating and confusing in the beginning, but the more you work with it, the more it'll become (weirdly enough) second nature when you go to draw.
This is so confusing yet makes so much sense....I still don't think it'll be that great but I'm gonna try, thanks!!
this probably why I can't draw XD I've learned this more or less and I get that your eyes are half way down your face, but that's just too weird! this s a useful reference though I think.
I seriously NEVER make my foreheads a normal size. They're either non-existant or they're a 5 head hahaha