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With the release of a rather confusing teaser, we now know that Puer Kim will be returning soon with her second mini album titled <Purifier>. In the teaser we see her looking rather sullen and peeling a melon. I have no idea what this is indicating but her singing in the background has the same unique tone that we've grown to love - anyone else looking forwards to this comeback?
I LOVE HER. I was watching her episode of Sketchbook a few months ago and she seems so cool and unique. Mystic89 has some really talented artists.
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@danidee she's just so unique - I love how she just does her own thing!
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I remember she said she got the stage name Puer because when she was an exchange student in America, most of the people there couldn't pronounce her real name 'Byul' and kept hearing Puer.
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@danidee I didn't know she'd studied abroad ~ makes sense though now I think about it!
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