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A powerful and somewhat painful reflection of modern society.
I've seen this before, and like I get the message of it, but for me I feel like it really looks down on the friendships you can have with people online. not everyone has people they can be close in day to day, so being able to make good friends who can help you get through hard times is important and idk I don't feel like this video really cares about that? maybe that's just me, others probably have good opinions too c:
@pixiedust you're completely right too. I find it scary nowadays when I go back to my parents house. If I walk past our local school during break times, kids are standing in groups looking at phones or iPads rather than playing football or chasing each other like we used to when I was their age (Only 5 years really not that long...) Technology itself is fantastic - it's the lack of moderation which is the problem
@agentcory I do agree - I have a number of close friends that I've met online and while I'm travelling (as I do frequently) I rely on technology and social media to keep in touch with my close friends. There's no way I could afford to call my friends every week from Korea or China but a Skype call? No problem. I think the point that the video is trying to make is that in relying almost wholly on the relationships made online, people forget that these relationships (for the most part) need to be nurtured in person too.
I think I understand what you're talking about @AgentCory, but personally I think this video is an overall good reminder for people to appreciate what's around them. I see so many students glued to their phones, missing out on potential friendships or even relationships and it's so sad. Not at all say that technology is bad of course, just some additional perspective. Anyone else have thoughts?