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Share your favorite quotes, images and videos to Vingle! The "Vingle it" button is the easiest way to spread what you discover to others who share your interest, and at the same time, credit the source of the shared content. In order to install the button, simply click and drag the “Vingle it” button in the upper left hand corner of any Vingle page to your bookmarks bar above and start vingling with “Vingle It” as you surf the internet. You can see step-by-step instruction with screenshots in this card. If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask. Happy Vingling! If you want to suggest a feature, visit our suggestion box:
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@painttowrite For your collections: Open the collection you wish to edit on web, click Edit then Edit Cover. From there you can change the design, insert images, etc. For cover design on profile: The background of your profile is unable to be edited at the moment.
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How do you create your own community? like can you?
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how to remove account?
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