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Soong Joong Ki looks mighty hot there. I have high hope in "Nice Guy". Love how they hold each other's hands!
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@Marlak, say it isnt so @_@
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well, I don't KNOW, it's just conjecture ... but I am preparing myself for the worst outcome = death of at least 2 main characters. but you, soula81, don't have to. let's enjoy 'Nice Guy' as much as we can, shall we! ^_-
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you're right. hope someone will do a live recap for this drama. I'm getting so busy and have no time to watch drama, I only have enough time to go on vingle and check out the live recap
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im not sure about this drama especially as im not much of a fan of moon chae won but ill give it a shot due to song joong ki
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i love song joong ki
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