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Kemenangan APPLE di pengadilan atas gugatannya kepada SAMSUNG di pengadilan Amerika terkait dugaan plagiat yang dilakukan SAMSUNG yang mana dalam hal ini adalah IPAD atau..(maaf saya lupa),memang agak sedikit mengejutkan tapi bagi saya ini hanya tes yang ringan bagi SAMSUNG kedepannya agar mampu bertahan sebagai kebanggaan Asia. APPLE sejak kemunculannya memang sering membuat gara-gara dengan perusahaan lain dan maklumlah karena perusahaan itu selalu dilindungi negaranya meskipun kerap kali melakukan pelanggaran dan itu sama dengan apa yang dilakukan pada bangsa Zionis sampai sekarang.Kemenangan di pengadilan membuktikan ketidakmampuan APPLE dalam persaingan dengan perusahaan Asia,khususnya Korea Selatan. Dugaan plagiat yang dituduhkan pada SAMSUNG,bagi saya hanya mengada-ada saja.Sejak SAMSUNG muncul dengan produk-produknya,Asia sangat bergairah untuk menaklukkan dunia dan itu yang membuat perusahaan-perusahaan di Asia berlomba-lomba untuk mempromosikan produknya yang dalam hal ini adalah produk SMARTPHONE dan juga IPAD serta PC TABLET dll. Sekarang Asia menjadi sentra produksi seperti itu dan mengalahkan negara-negara barat..kita ambil saja contoh di lapangan yaitu diantaranya : HTC(Taiwan),LG(Korea Selatan),SAMSUNG(Korea Selatan)dan masih banyak lagi.Bahkan APPLE saja kalah penjualannya dengan HTC,jadi anggap saja itu adalah kemenangan SAMSUNG yang tertunda. SAMSUNG tidak perlu membayar apapun pada APPLE.Sekalipun menang di pengadilan,APPLE harus membuktikan dimana letak plagiatnya yang dituduhkan pada SAMSUNG,jangan hanya karena dilindungi negara,jadi seenaknya saja menuduh SAMSUNG sebagai plagiator. Kalau dalam hal design,bagi saya itu sangat lucu aja.SAMSUNG selama ini tidak pernah membuat design yang sama dengan produk yang dimiliki,jadi tidak mungkin saja kalau SAMSUNG melakukan hal yang dituduhkan oleh APPLE. Yang harus perusahaan Amerika itu tahu adalah bangsa Korea sangat membenci plagiat dan sangat menjunjung tinggi kejujuran dan saya yakin SAMSUNG atau perusahaan manapun tidak akan dan tidak akan pernah untuk meniru produk perusahaan lain termasuk APPLE sekalipun karena bangsa Korea dan lainnya terkenal dengan ide-ide yang sangat brilian. Jadi APPLE harusnya membuktikan dulu,karena jika ini hanya fitnah,maka bisa dipastikan APPLE akan bangkrut dan nama baik akan hancur dalam sekejap mata...Dan negara-negara yang menolak ekspansi SAMSUNG dan perusahaan Asia lainnya adalah bentuk ketakutan akan ketidakmampuan bangsa itu sendiri dalam memperkenalkan produk negaranya..contoh nyata adalah Jerman yang menolak SAMSUNG GALAXY beredar. SAMSUNG,LG serta yang lain adalah kebanggaan Asia dan sudah saatnya kita sebagai bangsa Indonesia dan Asia khususnya,lebih semangat lagi untuk memperkenalkan produk kita keseluruh penjuru dunia dan membuktikan pada dunia bahwa kita sebagai bangsa Asia bukan bangsa plagiat.... SAMSUNG sudah sangat mendunia dan sudah menjadi brand paling tinggi saat ini dan lihat saja APPLE yang hanya bisa bertahan karena tuduhan yang tidak masuk akal itu.Nama SAMSUNG sudah melekat bagi kita sebagai bangsa Asia dan seharusnya kita bangga melihat SAMSUNG yang sudah menjadi legenda dunia dalam hal produk-produknya. Jadi SAMSUNG tidak perlu takut dengan kekalahan itu karena saya yakin SAMSUNG bukan perusahaan yang seperti itu....teruslah berkarya,buat karya yang lebih bagus dan sempurna dan buktikan pada perusahaan Amerika itu bahwa SAMSUNG bukanlah perusahaan peniru dan saya percaya bahwa SAMSUNG dan juga bangsa Korea bukanlah bangsa peniru karena bagi saya etos kerja bangsa Korea jauh diatas bangsa lain.... FIGHTING!..ALWAYS SMILE AND DO NOT SCARED WITH APPLE AND ELSE...!
read this http://www.vingle.net/posts/48294 the war is getting interesting :)
iya juga ya..hehehehe
@harsa84 di cina pun banyak palsunya HAHAHA
dengan cara seperti ini,APPLE tidak akan mampu menjual produknya di korea dan mungkin hanya bisa di cina saja...
iphone 4 payah n kalah banget dibandingin samsung galaxy s3. mungkin dalam bbrp tahun ke depan android akan mengambil posisi dibanding apple, karena apple skrg udah ngga ada jobs lagi..bisa apa coba?
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6 Ridiculous Texting Rules We Are All Guilty Of
Let's keep it real. We all have our set of texting rules that we came up with after we got tired of communicating with people who simply can't hold a concise conversation. Although our rules may be of some value to ourselves, others may find them to be absolutely ridiculous. I'll admit, it drives me crazy when someone texts me first and I reply just for them to take forever to reply to my message. I think we have all grown way too accustomed to communicating via text messages that we have gone slightly insane. The smallest things drive us bonkers and they really shouldn't. Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to texting -- patience is foreign. Oh, and let's not forget grammar. Geez la weez, we won't even get into that one. I sound disgusting with having my idiosyncrasies when it comes to texting, but I know I'm not the only one. While you may think my demands are high, keep scrolling to see the list of texting rules Cosmopolitan came up with. Apparently, we've all been texting wrong all along. You can't answer a text with "K" or "Fine" because you'll sound like you're so mad you might try to burn down their house later. 'I'm so guilty of thinking this when someone does it to me, but you know what? Sometimes your really just do want to text back "K" because that's all that needs to be said, and you're getting in your car and are trying to reply, so they know you got it. I think I'm having a panic attack.' If you were the last one to text in a convo, you can't text again until they reply. 'And you know what? I have abandoned this one. Sometimes I send one text and then remember I have another five texts' worth of strong feels I would like to convey to them because at the end of the day, who doesn't like getting a lot of texts from someone they like? Can we all just live?' If you reply immediately, you look like a desperate freak who has no friends or hobbies. 'Or you can reply immediately sometimes but not other times. These are seriously things we do with our freaking friends!!! Why are we using dumb dating rules with someone we go bra shopping with and talk about how our period was extra clumpy lately with? Why?' If you capitalize and use commas in texts like a normal human being would IRL, you're basically a serial killer. 'Whenever I get a text from someone who's using proper capitalization and commas and punctuation, I'm like, "Calm down, Beth. This isn't a job interview," but you know what? It's dumb that we think that about people who write the way humans are technically supposed to write.' If you start writing something but you see that the other person already has the ellipse bubble up, you should delete what you wrote and wait for them to finish what they were saying. 'Oh, yes, because their text would be completely ruined if you said something before they say something. Plus, a lot of the time they don't even end up sending what they were typing so then you just sat in that awkward silence for nothing and have to wait for, like, two minutes to pass before you can type what you were going to type in the first place. So lame.' You absolutely must put 9,000 emojis and exclamation marks and "haha"s into every text; otherwise you're depressed and what's wrong? 'I understand this one because facial expressions aren't available, so you want to let the other person know you enjoy their texts and aren't sitting there groaning, but it's also slightly weird that we have to be like, "aaaand ending this with 19 exclamation marks and 12 random emojis so she knows I'm having fun."' Do you live by any texting rules? If so, which one(s)? #5 and #2 drive me absolutely insane! @marshalledgar @alywoah @nicolejb @buddyesd @keith2web @atmi @arshada @humairaa @stephosorio @jazziejazz @MyAffairWith @mscocoasupreme @VixilCastillo
Emojis Are Not Made The Same
Not all devices are alike. Apple, Android, and Windows, to name a few, are very different operating systems and that key difference also makes for very different variations of emojis. The most popularized Unicode Consortium, or the body that selects which emojis will make their public debut, is the Apple version. They are used in marketing campaigns, commercials, apps, texting, food delivery, etc. However operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, etc. don't always have the same variations of emojis that the general public is accustomed to. This leads to an ultimate dilemma, emojis are basically a language all their own and somehow they are getting lost in digital translation. Thanks to Yahoo tech, a comprised list of varied emojis from device to device: 1. Woman With Bunny Ears You may recognize this emoji normally as the Bunny twins, tap-dancing girls, showgirls, or any of the other various nicknames. However when you transfer over to Android, you'll be in a surprise that the emoji becomes a yellow gumdrop looking face with a brown wig and bunny ears. The dynamic duo is no longer, which probably leads to some confusion at Halloween for Android users who are curious as to when there was an emoji of two Woman With Bunny Ears. 2. Colored Hearts This one is all about design. Apple keeps the hearts very uniform, vibrantly colored, and as basic as can be. For Android, the emojis hold a lot more meaning while also being somewhat cheesy. There is practically no color variation and I don't even know what to think about the fuzzy heart. Emojis are supposed to be playful and I think Android really missed the boat on this one. 3. Watch Obviously iOS looks classier but I am definitely a bigger fan of Android for some reason. I think sometimes less is more and I think it translates well in this instance. After all, a watch is a universal symbol so it's really hard to mess that up between devices. If anything, the emojis from device to device just show a different kind of watch that is solely exclusive to it's own device which seems cool in this example. 4. Eggplant You know exactly what this means if it's sent in iMessage. And you know exactly how hilarious this emoji can be because let's be honest, there is really no everyday use for an eggplant so you might as well spice it up a bit if you know what I'm aiming at. Now as for Android, it's a poor example of an eggplant to begin with but there is no way that it'd ever be used for alternative purposes within messaging. Just no way. 5. Slice of Pizza Okay Android wins on this one. The iOS version looks like a horribly designed emoji that is trying way too hard to be life-like. I appreciate the pic-art look of Android's emoji in this comparison. However, Dominos Pizza is using the iOS emoji in their brand as you can order a pizza now just sending that emoji. After all, that's pretty clever but the pizza emoji could get a generic facelift. 6. Rowboat This is a BIG difference. iOS looks certainly more appropriate and attractive on an interface. The Android immediately signals a date instance which could be totally misconstrued. Also Android needs to keep up with the times as emojis no longer have one option -- with LGBT and racial skin tones being introduced, their emojis need to be updated. Emojis are great because they include everyone and the rowboat needs the same. 7. Glowing Heart Either way, they both accurately depict what you're trying to show. Personally I like the iOS version more however the Android heart isn't horrible. A heart is a heart no matter how you dress it up. Good work to both. 8. Pistol/Gun Windows is the only operating system that doesn't include a gun that looks like iOS. Instead they've opted for a less serious space gun that could easily be more appropriate for Star Trek than anything else. With weapon emojis being taken more and more serious in the media, Windows will have to figure out how to not cause any trouble for its users who may be using their version of the gun emoji playfully while it will be translated into a more serious message. 9. Love Hotel Well to be honest, I've thought the 'H' on iOS stood for hospital and the heart symboled health. Apparently that's the exact opposite of what it meant. Windows does a much better job at representing this but they are both confusing. It wouldn't have killed them to spell out "hotel" on the building, you know. 10. Mobile Phone We get it, you love your own phone. 11. Donut Hmmm these are all very stereotypical of the interface they appear on. To be honest, Windows looks the least like a donut and I personally am not a fan. Android does a pretty good job and iOS is the most life like. I guess this one boils down to pure preference but it should be understood between each device fairly easily. I guess Windows doesn't like chocolate frosting. 12. Alien Monster Well these have very different connotations from the get-go. For iOS, most believe this emoji is a representation of an arcade game that you use with a joystick. For Android, however, it's actually alien monster that looks like an evil version of Pearl from Finding Nemo creepily ready to say "Awww you guys made me ink muhahahahahha!". We have an alien emoji already in iOS, why do we need this one? 13. Tennis Either way, they fit the bill and do a nice job at symbolizing. 10 for 10 on both.
Samsung Bayar Apple $1 Milyar dengan 30 Truk Berisi 5 Sen
[08/29] Lebih dari 30 truk berisi koin 5 sen tiba di kantor pusat Apple di California. Awalnya, perusahaan sekuriti yang menjaga gedung menginformasikan bahwa truk-truk tersebut salah tempat, tapi beberapa menit kemudian, Tim Cook (CEO Apple) menerima sebuah telepon dari CEO Samsung, menjelaskan bahwa mereka akan membayar denda $1 Milyar mereka dengan cara tersebut. Yang lucu, dokumen yang sudah mereka tanda tangani tidak menyebutkan apapun mengenai metode pembayaran, oleh karena itu Samsung boleh membayar dengan cara apapun yang mereka anggap baik. Cara bermain yang cerdik tapi jenius ini membuat sakit kepala para eksekutif di Apple karena mereka harus menghitung semua koin tersebut (yang entah kapan selesainya) dan memastikan jumlahnya besar, kemudian memasukkannya ke bank, dan mencari bank mana yang akan menerima koin-koin tersebut. Lee Kun-hee, Komisaris dari Samsung Electronics, mengatakan kepada media bahwa perusahaannya tidak akan terintimidasi oleh sekelompok "orang aneh yang punya gaya" dan jika mereka ingin main kotor, mereka juga tahu bagaimana cara melakukannya. "Anda bisa menggunakan koin-koin Anda untuk membeli minuman ringan di mesin penjual minuman seumur hidup, atau mencairkan koin-koin tersebut untuk membuat komputer, itu bukan urusan saya, karena saya sudah membayar dan menaati hukum. Dari total 20 miliar koin, pengiriman diharapkan akan selesai minggu ini. Kira-kira, bagaimana Apple akan merespon ini??