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Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: START CY finally entered the room where ES is kidnapped. ES said, "Psycho". CY said, "I was late." ES said, "So you are alive! You are alive psycho, I saved you!" CY said, "I came here not because of king's order. I will take the doctor leave. Let's not hurt more people and just let us go." GC laughed creepily. But at last instead of attacking them, GC asked CY to drink with him. King were talking with the Queen. Queen said, "CY went to save the doctor. Don't forget. I am Won's princess. You should use me to save them. They will listen to what I said." King said, "Don't forget too. I am Goryeo's king. So you are saying that I don't have enough power that I have to ask help from you, my Queen?" the Queen was crying in silence. King said, "are you done with what you say?" Then the Queen left. However, Choi palace maid stopped and told the king, "the queen are really tired now. Please understand her." The King finally told Choi about the deal he made with GC. That's why he had no choice. Meanwhile, now they are drinking together with GC. GC pour the drink to CY, and ES was surprised. She said, "why did you drink that?? what if it is poisoned??" CY said, "i don't have to worry. I have you, doctor, here." AWWWWWWW GC said that there is a patient to be cured by the doctor. CY asked," where is the guy?" But GC said, "you have to go and bring him here." Queen made a decision that she will leave the palace to ind GC. Choi maid tried to stop her by saying that she should get permission from the King, but she won't listen. JB tried to persuade her not to go and said that it's not a good decision, but Queen said, "I am the queen of this nation. Are you saying that I have to wait here? I can't." And she just left. CY now is preparing to go with a guard and ES and find the person. ES keep bombarding him with question,"you said you wanted to save me because of personal reason? because of love? attachment? what does it mean? do i mean so much for you? How old are you? i think you are younger than me." CY said, "don't get misunderstood. I.." ES said, "i know, i know, no need to mention it. I know it must be embarassing for you after confessing your love to someone." CY then talk to the guard and asked why he followed him. He told the guard to go back. GC is alone now, stilll havvvinggg this endddllleeesss thinking about the true identity of ES. The advisor reported to the King, that Queen left the palace. He ordered the guard, to do whatever it takes to save the queen and bring her back (I think deep inside his heart he still keep having affection for the Queen). Queen is now on her way. Some guys tried to attack them. They start fighting. (Ohhh i don't know that Choi maid can fight too hehehe). Somewhere in the palace, GC's man came and attack the mute maid. That maid is really good with the medicine and herbs. That guy forced her to tell them where the doctor's medicine and tools are. Meanwhile, the guard asked by CY to go back to the palace now is ready to take the doctor's tools. But he saw the mute maid is attacked, so he was trying to help. But the bad guy blow some powder to his face and he start to be poisoned, and bubble came out from his mouth, and finally the bad guy left with the tools. CY and ES now are waiting for the tools to come, but the guard is not coming. CY asked doctor to wait for him, but he didn't want too. Finally he listen to her. ES said, "I thought you have affection for me." Meanwhile, Queen now are attacked by EJ and his men. they tried to shoot arrows to the queen, but JB used his inner power and protected her. The queen is save now. The king is waiting for her anxiously. The guard reported to the king that queen came back safe to the palace, but a guard is hurt by poison and he is unconsious until now. The king is really mad. He shouted,"are you saying that you don't know where CY and ES are now?? are they alive? dead? what they do?" Meanwhile, CY now is with ES. He taught ES how to ride a horse. She was really scared, but she tried. CY told her to trust him, and she finally made it! Later that day, ES asked CY, "do you still keep my aspirin? you should eat it regularly." CY ignore her and gave her blanket to use. ES tried to go to some other place to sleep, but CY said, "here. lie here, next to me." ES said, "what? a girl and a guy? in the middle of the night?" CY cold heartedly said, "it will be easier to keep an eye on you if you are closer to me." ES asked him, "you don't even know my name. OK ill let you know. My name is Yoo Eun So. I know your name. Are you married? Normally people in your era get married quite early right?" CY said, "not yet. I am not married." ES sighed and said, "me too. I am not married. My parents live in countryside, farming, and I stay in Seoul alone." CY said, " I have a favor to ask. Please shut up and go to sleep." ES said, "Good night." They CY look at her sleeping and eat the aspirin. Choi maid tried to persuade the king, but king said, "you are not on my side." King said, "I am useless. I can't do anything." Choi maid said, "as a king, you should not say that." In the forest, CY asked ES, "are you sleeping?" but ES didnt answer. Suddenly SI came! She has been following them all the time. She tried to make them to be on their side. The next day, King met GC. GC said, "do you know that your man, CY, kidnapped the doctor? The person that the doctor has to save is the crown prince? and CY left with the doctor without your permission. Do you realize that this might be a rebellion and betrayal towards you??" (Ohh he was trying to make things up!!) Now, ES and CY arrived in the place where the prince live. The prince is sick. So ES now is trying to check him. the prince asked CY to tell him stories, while ES tried to check him. ES said it's some kind of cancer so even he is operated, he still need to receive anti cancer treatment. Let's find some traditional doctor and ask for their help. CY said, "we can't take him out from this area. if we take him out, it means this is a rebellion." GC now already got the doctor's tools. They were looking at the surgery tools, knife, and stuffs, when he realize that "I've seen this somewhere." He went to soem room, opened a box, and see the same set of stuffs. Apparently, that tools he found belongs to Hwata. So they are now curious whether the doctor is really a student of Hwata. CY now plan to go to the palace because the guard has not bring him the operation tools. So He asked ES to take care of the prince while he is away. But again, some guy tried to attack him, and suddenly SI came. SI asked, "where are you going?" CY just left back to the house and said, "we have to run away now. Don't stop, and follow right behind me." (I feeel baddd for themmm because the enemies already came but they have to run away). Suddenly the palace guards came and stop them asked them to stop. Suddenly SI's men, start attacking the palace guards and killing them!! OH NO!! they are making this scenario to make it looks like a rebellion!!! END Ep 7 Recap (09/03): Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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just finished ep 6..thanks sapphire for the recap!
@sapphire148.... i'm watching kim he sun's past movie. .sad love story, coz i was curious if she had the plastic surgery done on her face like what we talked about... but looking at the old vid, i can't seem to find any difference.. her face looks the same, except that she got older...i guess she didn't had a surgery... just saying...^^ she looks beautiful with her long black hair...
can some one plzz explain dat is dat lady in the pic past love is the queen..kings wife....somehow i find dat resemblence..n also in previous episode..the queen isclose to will someone let me know the difference
i love boa's face now coz it got more feminine than before.. well i can't tell about kim he sun coz i really don't know her before, faith is my first encounter with her... yes.. if you find some old pictures of her.. all of us can guess what she had done on
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