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I sit on this apartnent balcony early in the mourning and between the flower,hunninvirds,and all the other winged beautys I get my mournings full of solitude and SMILES!!
Lovely as always @Acetaker! What on earth is that giant pink flower in the second picture though?!
@jdw0982 Yes..TY, it has seen many mournings with me waiting as the sunrises to hit my face....and watching the fkowers dew drying as they soak up the sun,and the birds wake to feed.....ALL I CAN DO IS FEEL CALM!!
how peaceful balcony!
@pixiedust Hi..TY for your comments. The flower you are talking of is called a,"Bromalaid."(They are in part of the Cactus Family). There are many different types,sizes, shapes,and colors. This one will bloom the large pink flower and they give off differng colors while opening. They grow well in good draining pots...but they can be pit on logs in stackes of rocks. THAT WILL BE PICTURES COMING..LIKE TO TRY BOTH. The pkant gives off 2 pups(babys) and You hsve 2 more plants...but the main start dying back after awhile. They are some FASINATING TYPES!! Fun to grow and watch!! Inside or outside plant!
@caricakes The mourning light coming up stops me...I think of Angels waking to bring out the rest of the beauty of the day...
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