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Today at around 1:20 AM on Youngdong Highway the vehicle holding the members of Ladies' Code crashed into a protective wall. Member Go Eunbi has passed away while 6 people who were in the vehicle are currently in the hospital being treated. The driver of the vehicle has passed away as well. Police reports are saying (inferring) the car slipped due to rain and caught on fire. They are currently working on finding an exact cause to the accident. Translated by: Anon and evenastoppedclock @ 1H Polaris Entertainment's Official Statement: "There was a car accident because of the rain that fell at dawn. They were moved to the St. Vincent Hospital of the Catholic University of Korea in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. However, member EunB passed away at the scene of the accident. Members RiSe and Sojung sustained big injuries, so are in the middle of surgery. After the completion of RiSe and Sojung's surgery, they must be transferred to a hospital in Seoul. We have not yet decided which hospital that would be."
It breaks my heart to see LC fellow pass away it got me thinking saying wish I knew more about LC even though I wasnt I big fan Rip Eunb
It's heartbreaking ㅠㅠ RIP Eunbi - it's also kind of sad that it takes this kind of tragedy to see their songs get to No.1, they were so talented. They deserved that No.1 without this tragedy
Ladies Code is #1 on all the big charts right now in honor of EunB
oh another sad news RiSe also passed away Rip RiSe