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Just after the English release of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki, Camp Murakami has announced that Haruki Murakami will be releasing yet another piece! The novella (96 pages long) called The Strange Library, was originally published in Japanese in 2008. It is being translated into the English language by Ted Goossen and will be available in the US and UK in December 2014! Apparently the story involves a boy taken hostage in a library by an old man who forces him to memorize a number of books with the eventual idea of eating his brain to absorb that information. Sounds like great Christmas present material? Here's the rest of the article :
that actually gives me a good idea for a gift for my mom @timeturnerjones, thanks! maybe I'll even check it out myself!
Already? I am glad someone is translating it! I can't speak Japanese haha
Now this is news I like to hear!
Yes, the perfect Christmas present! Sending this on to my mom to ask for it :)
Does this guy ever sleep?