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Things Foreigners Do That Annoy Koreans
I found this video really interesting ... These are the 5 main points she discussed (taken from her Youtube): "#1 When people think they are culturally superior. Many cultural things are just a result of society teaching us these things and not necessarily right or wrong, so don't go thinking that your culture is the best or is right and the other cultures are wrong. #2 When Foreigners show their boobs. Modesty is different in all cultures so we have to remember that in Korea the lower half isn't as important as the upper half. #3 Speaking English and saying things about Korean people right next to them. RUDE!! #4 Speaking loud on the subway. Keep that booming western voice down please. #5 NOT LEARNING KOREAN!!! you dont have to learn it fluently but take some initiative and learn hangul or basic expressions please!! you cannot expect them to speak your language when you come here!!!!" What do you think?
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can you make a video clip about how to order or ask a question in a restaurant or store..? like, do you have this "item"?, how much is this/that?..something like that..
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when you want to say "how much is this?" while pointing on the item you want to buy you can say "igeo eolmayeyo?"
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when you want to ask if they have a particular item you can say the "name of item + isseoyo?" for example you want to buy donut, you can say "donut isseoyo?"
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wow...thank you so much for the big help..because here in my place..we have lots of korean restaurant n stores...i practice and used this words everyday...^^thank you
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happy to help :)
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