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Guillaume Nery is a French freediver. He specializes in Constant Weight freediving, which is a discipline of freediving where the diver cannot use a rope in order to get a deeper depth or swim up faster. He has broken and held the world record freediving depth. The most recent is on November 20, 2012 where he dove 126 meters. Here, Gulliaume Nery is "BASE jumping" at the edge of Dean's Blue Hole. Dean's Blue Hole is 202 meters deep at it's very deepest and it is the deepest Blue hole in the world.
wow, amazing ability to hold his breath, that is awesome
killer video!
That is so terrifying! I can barely go waist-deep in the ocean
I will never understand how you can continue to sink when you're already underwater, it like blows my mind lol this is really cool tho
That's absolutely incredible! I can't even imagine what sort of training he had do to hold his breath like that. How long has he been doing this?