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A man takes his quadcopter drone for a spin over his property when he spots a ram. This particular ram does not seem to be having a good day, so when the quadcopter drone gets low enough the ram charges it. When the man goes to retrieve the quadcopter, the ram does not seem to be happy. The ram charges at the man causing him to fall down and drop his things. The video uploader, who is also the creator of the video, said he saved the ram from a local farmer and put it on his land. The local farmer said the ram was too aggressive to have around.
I'd be pissed too if something flew into me when I was trying to eat!
dude he just wanted to eat in peace without some weird flying thing in his face XD
oh my god im dying hahahahh
@ChristinaBryce No, no it does not! Hahaha
That ram doesn't seem very happy ><!!