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A few days back Star Empire announced the release of new project group 'Nasty Nasty' made up of Kevin from ZE:A, Kyeongree from 9MUSES, and Sojin, a rookie from Star Empire due to debut in 2015. According to the label (and I find this rather amusing) "the unit’s name, ‘Nasty Nasty’, comes from the American slang ‘Nasty’, a word used to describe something sexy and ridiculously good. So as a sexy and ridiculously talented unit, KEVIN, KYEONG REE, and SO JIN decided to call themselves ‘Nasty Nasty.’". Right then. But the label didn't stop there... "Nasty Nasty’s title song ‘KNOCK’ is an enchanting dance number with dreamy saxophone sounds combined with clean drum beats. KEVIN’s rhythmical voice mixed with KYEONG REE and SO JIN’s sexy vocals, singing about knocking and tapping into each other’s hearts, makes this song as catchy as it is." To be honest I thought it was rather mediocre...but then let's be honest, Star Empire artists aren't particularly known for their vocals now, are they? What do you guys think? @honeysoo @aero2042 @funkystar25 @toykopop @scarletmermaid @kpopandkimchi @danidee
@scarletmermaid I totally agree. I almost feel like it would've been better if I hadn't watched the MV and had just watched the video because I found the girl's obsession with the camera bordering on annoying...Kevin is pretty cute though. If he comes knocking on my door, I won't complain ;)
It was pretty good. The beat was catchy, the guy was pretty cute. The girl seemed like she was more into the camera than anything else haha. I dunno it was okay. Not my new obsession though lol
@scarletmermaid haha I loved your comment lol