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YTN News has revealed that Ladies Code member, 22 year-old EunB has tragically passed away in a car crash. At around 1:20 AM South Korean time, while returning from promotional activities in Daegu, the girls' van ran into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Singal Intersection on the Yeongdong Expressway in the direction of Incheon. EunB passed away at the scene, two other members Sojung and RiSe were rushed to hospital in critical condition while the remaining four passengers sustained minor injuries. Their agency Polaris Entertainment released a statement: "There was a car accident because of the rain that fell at dawn. They were moved to the St. Vincent Hospital of the Catholic University of Korea in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. However, member EunB passed away at the scene of the accident. Members RiSe and Sojung sustained big injuries, so they are in the middle of surgery. After the completion of RiSe and Sojung's surgery, they must be transferred to a hospital in Seoul. We have not yet decided which hospital that would be." RIP EunB, my heart goes out to her family and friends in this tragic time. I wish RiSe and Sojung a fast recovery.
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@funkystar25 I know, it's completely tragic ㅠㅠ
I heard the news yesterday and just couldn't quite believe it. The thing that shocked me most was some of the mindless comments left on Ladies Code's video pages like "Does that mean their comeback will be delayed?"....seriously?!
Oh no, that's so sad. I'm so sorry to her friends and family, I'll be keeping them in my prayers.