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Even though it hasn't been long since WINNER debuted, YG has already announced his next boy group called iKon which will debut in 2015. At the press conference for Mix & Match, held on September 2nd, YG announced the new group will be led by former Team B leader B.I who will be joined by Bobby and Kim Jin Hwan. The Mix & Match reality show will follow a similar format to WINNER; there will be 6 trainers competing for the four remaining places in the band. The nine trainees to be featured in 'Mix & Match' will include Team B's B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Goo Joon Hee as well as 3 new trainees Jung Jin Hyung, Jung Chan Woo, and Yang Hong Seok. The 4 that will join B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan will be determined by judges votes (30%) and viewer votes (70%). Yang Hyun Suk has stated that he does not have any plans for the eliminated competitors to debut under YG* (*But he said that last time, right?!)