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A festival of Chinese lanterns is the latest attraction that visitors can marvel at until Sept. 21 in the city of Surakarta, more commonly known as Solo. Situated at Kraton Kasunanan's Alun-alun Utara (northern town square), many attractive lantern art installations can be found at the so-called Festival Lampion Suzhou (Suzhou Lantern Festival), with highlights including 12-meter high replicas of a dragon, the Taj Mahal, a boat used by the famous Chinese Admiral Zheng He (popularly called Cheng Ho) and a panda garden. Suzhou is the name of a city in China, which for hundreds of years was famous for its people's skills of creating lanterns. The art of lantern making in Suzhou was said to have begun during the reign of the Han Dynasty in 25 BC and continues to develop. Suzhou's lanterns are not only famous throughout the world but also have been used as art installations in many countries. In addition to these amazing art installations, visitors can also take pictures of 15 smaller lanterns depicting Chinese zodiacs and up to 1,200 of regular, round paper lanterns. These colorful satin and iron-framed lanterns attractively brighten the venue thanks to their light bulbs with a total power of 150,000 watts. The delightful choices of cuisine and children's playgrounds are available as well to be enjoyed while admiring the beautiful lanterns. "An event like this has never been held in Surakarta. So hopefully it will give an interesting alternative to its people and visitors," said CEO Lautan Lentera Indonesia Sumadio Lie, the event organizer. The festival is open to the public everyday until Sept. 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. with an entrance fee of Rp 15,000 (US$1.27) on weekdays and Rp 20,000 on weekends.
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I wish I had the chance to visit!
whooooa this is so cool! sounds like an awesome festival! I've heard of like lantern festivals before, I wonder if this is the big famous one I've heard about?
These look so awesome. I wont be in Indonesia in September but WOW!
@AgentCory Hmm I don't think so since this is the first lantern festival to be held in the city of Surakarta..