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Introducing V Points
V Points, Vingle’s community points, represent the contribution that a Vingler has made to a Community. As every Vingle community is different, V points will vary to reflect a Vingler's contribution to a particular community. For example, if a Vingler is a member of the Funny, Fashion for Men, and Bike communities, they might have 10,000 V Points in Funny, 5,000 V points in Fashion for Men, and 1,000 Points in the Vingle Bike community. Since there are various ways to contribute to a Vingle community, Vinglers will be able to earn V Points in in a variety of ways: 1. Publishing a card that is LIKEd or clipped. 2. Gaining followers to their collections. 3. LIKEing or clipping good content published by other Vinglers Since a Vingler will gain V points through their effort in building a strong community, V points will affect how a Vingler’s content is exposed within their Community. To make it easy to find a Vingler’s V points, they will be visible in: 1. Under the Members tab on each Community page. 2. Under the Communities tab on a Vingler’s profile page.
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wow thank you @ToniEliseHolden :3
2 years ago·Reply
I can't figure out why alot of my points are negative. I post comment like clip. I can't figure out why...
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
This is very helpful
2 years ago·Reply
So what does negative V points stand for?
a year ago·Reply