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*EDITED* So as if I wasn't obsessing enough already I edited my caps with better quality ones, if I can only upload all of them once! I'm in the process of actually cutting off the last scenes from the whole episode just 'cause I wanna watch it over and over! ^_^ Yes this episode had me wanting to throw punches at my computer screen, just 'cause more than half of the episode shows how fucking evil Ass-hina is, like he belongs to the deepest end of hell, he's a total psycho for doing all these scheming behind our Hyuga's back, I wanna punch him in the face!!! >_< But omg the last 5 minutes saved it all for me and much more, I was in heaven! lol :D It starts with that elevator scene when Makoto finally said out loud that it's Hyuga she likes *squeeee!!!* "watashi Hyuga-san no koto ga suki desu!" there was no mistaking in that, subs or no subs, recaps or no recaps I was smiling like an idiot! And yeah in your face Ass-hina! And everything after that is just like a burst of all the anticipation and tension between Makoto and Hyuga, I can imagine how touched and happy Hyuga must have been when Makoto stopped him and said without even thinking twice that she will definitely go with him whether he likes it or not. I'd say kudos to Makoto for being so brave like that. That's right girl, he definitely needs you, he's just being your normal guy acting like an idiot when it comes to these things, you know, lol. Aaaaah, they make such a lovely couple! That picture they took, omg the smile on Hyuga's face, priceless! Their happy faces! And the bike ride, omg, he made her hold on to him like he's telling her to never let go of him, ever! (at this time I'm already screaming my brains out!) And of course our Makoto is just giggling, I can't blame this girl! So cute! I can't wait for next weeks episode!!! They better kiss or else I'll go mad!!! Thanks @somnia for the recap, til next week!
I just finished watching the subbed episode omg my heart! I don't know what to expect for next weeks episode I just can't wait for it to be monday already!
just looked at Eric Paroissien's site and he's almost finished with the eng sub of episode 8!!!! :D
@soula18 indeed it is.. i found some more screencaps and just posted it.. this couple rocks!!
@missvetrina thanks.. i too uploaded some screencaps.. but because i haven't seen the video yet..i'll love to see some more :)
@neaa, @missvetrina: a great show and great team work!
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