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This is going to be a tear jerker....the opening trailer gives it away.... Opening in an old coutry market street, Our lead character (Xiao Yu) is riding her bike and selling steamed corn bread cakes. When a man calls "wife!" she stalls and chucks a slice of cake at him. Turns there's not really married just childhood friends. Then XY spots a duckling and cuddles - flash to a dream of a little girl holding a duckling watching an identical girl front of a carosel. Then her identical sister (Ting Xuan) sits up in bed looking at the ghost of one of the girls. ( This is the older girl who was raised with money) Back at the market place, XY's been given a delivery order. The friend offered to take care of the duckling for her ( and slaughter it when it's big ). She threatens with physical pain if anything happens to the duckling. Flash to an evening scene, a sedan pulls up; Ting Xuan and grandfather have pulled up for a meeting. But one of the board members is missing, and she gives a short but pointed speech about her apologies that heir of the company has been unable to make it for an earlier meeting. Later in the meeting room the same topic comes up, people are unhappy with her It turns out that big sister (Ting Xuan) is allergic to sunlight. Her right hand man and boyfriend (Yu Feng) has fitted her with a timing bracelet to measure her UV exposure. The board further presses that her inability to perform company duties during the day is cause problems with projects and proposals, At this point, the grandfather collapses. The staff members are concerned about the ramifications of the CEO's sudden collapse. At this point GM Jin (the one who was missing) says that the best move is to make a press release about the health of the CEO's proteges and the companies continued stability. At grandfather's bed side TX fusses with grandfather, but YF brings him good news. They have found TX's identical sister - flashback to 3 years ago, TX fainted in the middle of a tour and the YF accepts Grandfather's plan to 1. make sure everyone at the hospital signs a non-disclosure. 2. make sure the board has also signed a non-disclosure 3. take care of TX, and marry her. JinWei is the evil GM's son and narcissistic to boot! When he steps off the elevator he runs into TX who blushes when he mentions he would like to kiss her. As he slowly leans in ( and she backs away) they are abruptly interrupted by GM Jin. While walking through a hallway, TX sees her younger sister's reflection in the glass. Which leads to XY waking up from a dream and talking it though with her granny. It's obvious the two sisters are extremely different in personality. Back at the small town, YF has arrived and we see a guy from earlier set up a snatch and run scam. As XY chases after the "theif" YF is watching from above and then offers to be a good semaritn and help her catch the theif....and thus she becomes locked in a car with FY. Turns out the two theives work for Grampa's company and they are bringing Granny to the big city. ( in the mean time, XY has been having a fit in the car, so much so that YF threatens to knock her out eith he gets closer to her...she explodes in tears.) Aparently, though YF has some secrets of his own as a mysterious phone call As FY calmly reveals XY's past, she starts to break down into tears asking for Granny. Until FY stops the cars so she can see Granny. After a good verbal thrashing, granny gets into the sadan and proudly announces that "our XY wants to eat lunch!" Turn back to the Zhao house ( which is a castle!). New maids are told they have to clean according to a specific time table. Grampa visits TX and asks if she's okay with sharing the family fortune, after growing up as an only child? He then shows her a picture of twin baby girls, her younger sister was taken just after they were born. But her memory of meeting her twin overlaps with her aunt's voice calling for XY. Turns out Grampa's been planning to have YF and TX as a the heirs of the company, but GM Jin's been trying to overthrough the grampa's efforts. The plan is to have XY pretend to be TX during the day. Cliff hanger.....
wow your recap is great! keep up the good work :) . I haven't watched any twdrama for a long time. Thanks for introducing this drama. But who are the actors? I don't know any of them ^^; Can you post more info about them?
Thank you! Love you!!!!
you might want to request a party for Fairytale here for card tagging and stuff try here detailed instruction for using Vingle it button
It's under the Taiwanese Dramas Party....not sure how to tag it otherwise....would love some pointers... Episode 2 is coming up tonight! so stay tuned :)
Thanks everyone! I just figured out how to "tag" it.... and I feel rather proud of myself :) Glad everyone likes it :)
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