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Hyuga got kicked out of his house apparently and showed up at Makoto's door. Hyuga: Can I stay at your place? Makoto: Huh?! Hyuga took Makoto to the temple where he frequents. Asahina painted NI's wall white as if to erase Hyuga's presence. Makoto helped Hyuga started a new company. And as everyone expects, there'll be a kiss in next ep! There are still 3 more eps so I'm really curious about how the story will progress. When the full preview is out I'll update this preview summary again! Ep 8 full recap:
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count me in...^^
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cant wait to watch it...... #curious ^__^
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thanks for the fastest recap ever!!!
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today is friday, feel like it's monday already >__<
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@soula81 i was just seeing the vingle home page.. and realized i have no dramas to be expecting recaps tonight...and then there's sunday n saturday..monday is so far away :(
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