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from episode 8 i learnt to never give up.. no matter how difficult things get.. how gloomy the sky may seem.. after every sunset there is a hold on and don't lose hope.. just don't stop and keep moving on..if you see no way through, take a few steps backward and find a new path.. believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.. show those who try to bring you down that you're way better..that nothing anybody does or say is worth your attention and time.. because we weren't born to please anyone.. and if you have courage you can make anything happen.. people are not born with greatness, nor can they steal it from anyone(like asahina is trying too.. but all in vain).. great people stay great no matter what.. if hyuga can build next innovation once, he can build it again.. because he has the capabilities and the right attitude.. and most important.. it is in difficult times that you find out who loves you the most.. anyone can laugh with you but it takes a true loving heart to share a person's tears.. so when you are in a dark.. just give your hand..and you'll find someone to hold it.. because if you have a pure heart, you'll always find someone who'll never leave you behind and stick with you in all the phases of life. so all RMPW lovers, we have three more episodes to go and a lot to learn.. just keep spreading the love!! :) :) recap: screencaps:
from RMPW to poetry ^^
RMPW teaches alot of lessons... yes i do.. i'll post it.. do read :)
its funny how RMPW talk became poetry talk lol
pretty sure you can post your own poetry there! do you write poem???
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