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In less than a week after kicking off the show last Saturday, "Five Fingers" producers have finalized their decision to let go of T-ara's Hahm Eunjung from its cast. While Hahm and other T-ara members are faced with mounting criticism over allegedly bullying member Hwa-young, SBS officials released a firm statement this afternoon that they will soon find a replacement for Eunjung's character in the new weekend TV series. Now that SBS officials made a clear stance about making Hahm drop out from the drama, the spotlight is shifting toward Soyeon and Hyomin, who are starring in KBS' "Lovers of Haeundae" and MBC's "1,000th Man" [translated title] that began airing on August 6 and 17, respectively.
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Replaced by Jin Se Yeon. It's going downhill for Tara members,isn't it? Sad.