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@nylamrehs on a funny note.. when parents say something, don't try to understand it.. just accept it.. else there be a long lecture series!! :D
5 years ago·Reply
@neaa... lol... well, my parent were kinda like that too when i was young...hahahah
5 years ago·Reply
@nylamrehs omg.. i hope you don't get tired of me..but i just remembered another something.. "when we were 2 parent's said,"you're too small to decide so it goes my way" when i was 10 ,they said, "it's my house it's my way" when i was 16, they said"wait till you turn 18, till then it's my way" when i was 18 they said, "as long as i'm paying your college fee, it's my way" in the end i was trolled"
5 years ago·Reply
@neaa... lol... that got me laughing... so true... i'll never get tired of your comments coz i get joy from reading them...^^
5 years ago·Reply
thanks nylamrehs.. i thought i bugged you :D
5 years ago·Reply