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Slice them with pit or without the pit. If you have airtight or vacuum bags, good for you! If not, your run-of-the-mill freezer Ziploc bags will suffice :) Adding a light brush of lime juice keeps them from losing their green color for a much less appetizing brown. Other things you can freeze: - Nuts and seeds - Bread& Baked Goods - Fruit - Soups - Vegetables - Wine - Homemade Garden Burgers - Cashew Cream
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Clipping this for later, I never know how to save them because they turn brown too fast.
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I would have never thought to freeze nuts either
3 years ago·Reply
@caricakes same here!!
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I go through walnuts and almonds fast enough to not freeze them, but I have a bag of pine nuts double wrapped in my freezer for pesto.
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@spudsomma I might throw mine in the freezer right now!!
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