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Ingredients For the Gnocchi’s: Pumpkin (Butternut Squash, Hokkaido, Muscat, whatever you find) Sweetpotato Gluten Free Flour Salt & Pepper For the Magic: Sage Chanterelle Mushrooms Hazelnuts Chili Garlic Roast your Pumpkin for like 25 min on 200 degree and the Sweet Potatoes for round about 40 minutes. Simply pick them with a fork, you will feel it if they’re ready. Now cool everything down and combine all the ingredients. Add as much flour until you have a smooth, not too firm dough. So before you roll an army of it, test them. If they will fall apart while boiling, you might have used too little flour. They should be soft and ready to savor in your mouth. After your kneading exercise you can shape your Gnocchi’s the way you like them. As you can see I finished mine with the tines of a fork. Before I started cooking my Gnocchi’s I sautéed the Chanterelle Mushrooms, with Sage and Garlic. Roast the Hazelnuts separately with Chilli and other hot spices you can find in your kitchen. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil, get your Gnocchi’s in there and wait for them to rise to the surface. Now give them a quick sauté with the Mushrooms and serve your hell of a dish with your Chilli roasted Hazelnuts. Enjoy.
I went back and read the recipe and laughed too!! I just looked at the ingredients and saved it for later but I'm glad I looked it over again hahaha @spudsomma
This sounds absolutely declicous.
I love the way this recipe is written:) It all sounds delicious, but the "serve your hell of a dish" cracked me up!
Oh god, I made gnocchi once and swore to never touch a potato again hahah but I guess if this is pumpkin I can make an exception ;)
YUM! The mushrooms sound SO good!
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