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Paris-based M.Chat (also known as 'Mr. Cat') has made a name for himself in the local urban art community for his trademark big yellow cat that has popped up all over the city. Unfortunately, one of these cats - sprayed across the wall of a metro station - has gotten him in a lot of trouble with the public transportation authority, Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP). He was fined €1,800 ($2,360) for vandalism, a fine which he refuses to pay. A petition to get the agency to renounce the fine has collected more than 6,700 local signatures. M.Chat was arrested earlier last month and will begin his trial this October. In a statement, the artist defended his work and criticized what he believed to be an outstandingly pretentious censoring measure, stating that “the people who say that [his] graffiti is dirty never take the metro.”
I've actually seen plenty of people putting up his work because the cat is so famous. There's a cafe near my apartment that has a giant version inside!
That's so lame! I hope he's able to get out of the fine, and maybe even get his art more accepted in these places! The cat is so cute~
Oh no!! I love that cat though :(