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This is rare! I have seen quite a few high speed chase videos, but never seen one through the eyes of a cop! Definitely not the eyes of a motorcycle cop
Give this lil BASTARD some jail time.....SUPER dangerous for the motorcycle officer. GOOD rider !!
Being a biker, I can say without a doubt that the cop was riding very cautiously. He slowed and checked both ways at intersections and held back far enough to keep the driver in sight without pushing him past his personal limits.
Craig, you are needlessly aggressive. AgentCory is a teen, a kid. Do you, a big strong man, get off on picking on kids? Does it excite you? Does it make you feel bigger? If not, then who told you it's ok to behave that way as a part of a civilized society? Are you incapable of getting your point across without insulting others?
CraigEdwards Cory wasn't laughing at the suspect. If you could get past that 3rd grade reading level that you are stuck in you would see they are laughing about the weather. So before you talk shit over the Internet like a keyboard badass read before you type
AgentCory, You're officially an idiot. The driver of that vehicle endangered countless civilian lives including the brave Law Enforcement Officers who were in pursuit. I doubt you would think it was funny if you happened to be on the road at the same time as this imbecile. Or if he blew one of those stop signs and t-boned your dumbass. What a jackass!
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