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Buy Dinosaur Toys | Shop Australia – ChildZoney Children who are fascinated in the prehistoric antics of dinosaurs will find this topic particularly fascinating. Our selection of dinosaur toys includes playsets, dinosaur figures, electronic interactive dinosaurs, and much more that a dinosaur enthusiast will genuinely appreciate.

SKU: CZ-H002
This fun mist breathing dinosaur toy is a great way to entertain your little one wherever you are. Made from ECO Friendly material and with easy installation, this is a great gift idea for both boys and girls.

Age: 6 +
To start the fun and create mist simply refill the water tank located inside the head. The mist spray will come out of the dinosaur mouth to create a cool fog breathing effect.

Our mist spray dragon is made of premium eco-friendly ABS material. All parts are tested to the strictest safety measures and quality standards and safe for children.

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