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What are the types of fraud done by bank cheque?

Cheque fraud can be described as ‘depositing of a fake or manipulated cheque’. Cheque frauds are increasingly common in many jurisdictions, and therefore, it is important to understand the various types of cheque frauds and how to avoid them. In this article, we will be discussing the various types of cheque frauds and also the preventive measures that one can take when facing such issues.

Different types of Cheque fraud:

Fake Cheques: In this type of fraud, the fraudsters create an authentic-looking cheque, usually by copying the details from an original cheque, and the unsuspecting victim ends up accepting such cheque without realizing that it is a fake one.

Cheque manipulation: In this type of fraud, the cheque is intentionally manipulated to change some of its details, such as the amount, date or the beneficiary details. The manipulation is done with the intention to defraud.

Magic ink technique:  In this type of fraud, the fraudsters provide magic ink for the purpose of writing the cheque. This results in the written details disappearing off due to the constituency of the special type of ink used and thereby providing the opportunity for the fraudsters to fill in the cheque details by themselves, such as entering their desired amount.

Theft: In such type of fraud, a signed cheque is stolen from the original beneficiary of the cheque, and the fraudster deposits the cheque and receives the payment.

Preventive measures that can be undertaken to avoid cheque frauds:
Thankfully there are mainly simple and effective preventive measures that one can take in order to ensure that they do not fall prey to cheque frauds. These include:

- Always examine a cheque clearly before receiving or signing one in order to ensure that the cheque is not tampered with, one can check for any overwriting or striking off’s and also for the security features which are part of every cheque.

- Never issue cheques to unknown entities or persons, and as far as possible ensure to have proper written communication in place whether an agreement or otherwise with reference to the cheque number. This discourages the potential opportunities for a fraudster to misuse the cheque.

- Ensuring the physical safety of your cheque to avoid any potential theft or manipulation of the same.

- Upscaling your security features with your bank, such as proper notifications and, where possible, including dual signatories for a cheque approval as an enhanced security feature.

- Make it a habit to routinely check your monthly account statement and bank alert notifications in order to ensure that in case of fraud, you are able to take legal recourse immediately.

- It is also a good practice to rely on banking transactions more than on cheque, especially when the other party is not well known to oneself.

- Use your own pen always for signing a cheque in order to avoid the potential misuse of magic ink.

If ever faced with a cheque fraud matter, one should ensure to take prompt steps, which includes immediately notifying the bank and also proceeding to file a police complaint. As cheque frauds are increasingly common, one must exercise even greater caution in this regard. The UAE cabinet has also proposed a new change to the cheque law in the UAE, which will be effected in 2022. In a welcome move the new changes allow for directly filing for execution in instance if a cheque is not honored due to unavailable or insufficient funds.

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How will the new zero-tolerance drunk driving law affect your car insurance?
You might have come across the recent changes in the UAE federal laws that has relaxed the previous rules which imposed strict license requirements for the purchase of alcohol in the region. Albeit such rules have now been removed, however, the UAE still follows and applies zero tolerance when it comes to alcohol consumption while driving. This essentially means that, there is not concept of minimum blood alcohol limit in the UAE, meaning that there is a zero-tolerance policy and thus, despite the level of blood alcohol a person may have while driving he can be liable for a fine and jail term. Drunk driving: It is crucial to understand that, the UAE has many strict and rigorous laws in place especially when it comes to public safety. Pursuant to the Federal Law number 21 of 1995 concerning ‘traffic’ and its amendments (“Traffic Law”), driving in UAE under the influence of alcohol or any other anesthetic or narcotic substances is punishable by the law. Pursuant to Article 49 (6) of the traffic law, ‘Driving or attempting to driving a vehicle on the road while under the effect of alcoholic drinks or anesthetic substances and the like, shall be sentenced to imprisonment and / or to a minimum fine of Twenty- Five Thousand Dirhams’. This fine amount can go higher as well depending on the veracity of the offence and the resultant damages caused. Such penalty will be adjudged by the Court and applies in instances of: * Driving under the influence of Alcohol * Driving under the influence of drugs or brain affecting substances or any other similar items * Causing someone’s death * Causing a serious accident or injuries Further, pursuant to article 59(3) of the traffic law immediate arrest will follow. The said article states, 'A policeman may arrest any vehicle driver if found involved in the commitment of one of the following crimes including ‘Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic or the like, thus depriving him of his power of control over it’. How it affects your insurance: Insurers have the right to refuse to pay accident claims if the driver's blood-alcohol level is positive. A mandatory part of raising any vehicle insurance claims requires to provide a police certificate describing how the accident occurred and the cause of the accident and the resultant damages. When the cause of the accident is due to the fault of the driver due to drunken driving then the same can be used to reject the insurance claim in itself. Black points are also directly imposed on the driver’s license for the most serious of traffic offences including drunken driving. The maximum number of black points that can be accumulated on your driving license is 24, and fines are imposed for each such violation. If the number of back points acquired on a license reach 24 in number, then the license can be confiscated for a period of six months, and the driver will be required to attend further corrective courses in driving. Acquiring a number of black points on your license can also potentially cost you more on your car insurance. With more back points acquired for traffic violations, you will need to pay a higher premium on a car insurance policy. The traffic regulations in the UAE are thus extremely strict in order to ensure protection of road users and to reduce traffic casualties. The traffic laws are regularly amended to bring in innovative changes as the UAE aims to achieve its aim of reducing traffic causalities from every 6 per 100,000 people to every 3 per 100,000 people by this year. https://www.professionallawyer.me/legal-articles/criminal-law/zero-tolerance-drunk-driving-law-affect-your-car-insurance
How is international arbitration implemented in the UAE during the new normal?
The number of arbitration cases being registered in the United Arab Emirates has been steadily increasing in recent years. This is especially so for Dubai in terms of commercial litigation, with arbitration being included as a standard clause for dispute resolution, whether relating to real estate matters, construction or commercial contracts. The year 2021 has seen critical changes in the arbitration sector with a new decree anointing the ‘Dubai International Arbitration Centre’ (DIAC) as a sole arbitral chamber in the emirate, which now essentially abolishes the Dubai International Financial Centre-London Court of International Arbitration (DIFC-LCIA). The said decree is in effect from September 2021 and establishes the Dubai International Arbitration Centre to act as the sole dispute-resolution seat in the emirate of Dubai. In this article, we will particularly discuss international arbitration in the UAE and the provisions of the UAE Arbitration Law (Federal Law No. 6/2018 on ‘Arbitration’). It is important to note that the UAE Arbitration Law also applies to international, commercial arbitrations conducted outside the UAE if the parties to the dispute agree to the same. International arbitration has had its crucial impact felt during the Covid pandemic, where the international arbitration process demonstrated its resilience and flexibility in resolving disputes by delivering through technological means, including holding sessions remotely. International arbitration rules concerning the use of technology: Article 28(4) of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (‘UNCITRAL’) Arbitration Rules of 2010 (revised rules) allows for arbitral tribunals the power to have expert witnesses to be examined through means of videoconferencing. Article 28 In the event of an oral hearing, the arbitral Tribunal shall give the parties adequate advance notice of the date, time and place thereof. Witnesses, including expert witnesses, may be heard under the conditions and examined in the manner set by the arbitral Tribunal. Hearings shall be held in camera unless the parties agree otherwise. The arbitral Tribunal may require the retirement of any witness or witnesses, including expert witnesses, during the testimony of such other witnesses, except that a witness, including an expert witness, who is a party to the arbitration shall not, in principle, be asked to retire. The arbitral Tribunal may direct that witnesses, including expert witnesses, be examined through means of telecommunication that do not require their physical presence at the hearing (such as videoconference) UAE arbitration process on the use of technology: The UAE arbitration law is largely based on the international UNCITRAL model arbitration law. The DIAC Rules of 2007 and its amendments govern the arbitration proceedings of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre. Article 20 of the DIAC rules determines the place of arbitration and states that, Article 20.1:The parties may agree in writing on the seat of the arbitration. In the absence of such a choice, the seat of arbitration shall be Dubai, unless the Executive Committee determines in view of all the circumstances, and after having given the parties an opportunity to make a written comment, that another seat is more appropriate. Article 20.2: The Tribunal may, after consultation with the parties, conduct hearings or meetings at any place that it considers appropriate. The Tribunal may deliberate wherever it considers appropriate. Article 20.3: The award shall be deemed to have been made at the seat of the arbitration. Further, article 34.7 of the DIAC Arbitration rules 2017, states that, ‘The Tribunal shall only require witnesses who have submitted a written statement and who have been requested to provide oral testimony during the hearing, to swear an oath prior to giving oral evidence, subject to any mandatory provisions of the applicable procedural law. The Tribunal shall have the authority to accept oaths and conduct examinations in person or by electronic means including telephone or video conference or a combination thereof, provided it has first satisfied itself of the identity of the witness’. Both the said articles thus essentially allow wide discretion to the tribunal to determine that a virtual setting would be the most appropriate venue. Further, there are express provisions and procedures incorporated in the rules that allow for conducting of witness hearings through electronic means of communication such as video conferencing (as included above). In the Covid era, these flexible rules have proven their worth, and international arbitration in the UAE has demonstrated its resilience and effectiveness. This practice continues into the post covid era as well. https://www.professionallawyer.me/legal-articles/arbitration/international-arbitration-implemented-in-the-uae-during-the-new-normal
What Actions can be considered as Molestation of Women?
The United Nations declaration on the elimination of violence against women defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life."Sexual violence, on the other hand, is specifically defined as "any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, or other act directed against a person's sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting. It includes rape, attempted rape, unwanted sexual touching and other non-contact forms". The estimates published by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that 1 in 3 women comprising 30% of the women worldwide have been subjected to either physical or sexual violence, either partner violence or non-partner violence in their lifetime. This is a staggering census, and much impetus is on the enforcement of strict laws against sexual violence. UAE Laws Governing Molestation: The UAE laws pertaining to sexual harassment are codified in Federal law number 3 of 1987, promulgating the penal code and its amendments (UAE Penal Code) which provide the provisions governing sexual harassment. The UAE penal code provides a broad definition for sexual harassment as, 'Sexual harassment shall mean excessive annoyance of others by repeating acts, words or signals that would molest them, for the purpose of pushing them to respond to their own sexual desires or the desires of others.' (Article 359 bis). The UAE Penal Code defines molestation as an indecent act either by words or actions in a public road or in a frequented place and imposes a penalty for molestation as one-year Imprisonment and /or a fine of ten thousand dirhams. Article 359 (1) states, 'Imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding ten thousand Dirhams or one of said two penalties shall be imposed on whoever molests a female in an indecent way by words or acts on a public road or in a much-frequented place. The same penalty shall be imposed on any male, disguised in female apparel, who enters a place reserved for women or where entry is forbidden for other than women. Should he perpetrate a crime in this condition, this shall be considered an aggravating circumstance.' Sexual abuse can take many forms and manners; it can be touching of a victim in a sexual matter or forcing a victim the perpetrator in a sexual manner to or even forcing a victim to look at sexual body parts of the perpetrator or otherwise or forcing the victim to watch sexual activity. The keyword in all such circumstances is the concept of 'Consent'. Such consent should be mutual, voluntary, sober, honest and informed. Such consent should not be vitiated due to minority of age or any other factors, and further, it should not be in breach of any existing laws or rules. https://www.professionallawyer.me/legal-articles/criminal-law/what-actions-can-be-considered-as-molestation-of-women
Witnesses, Photos, and Video After a Car Accident
Have you just been in a car accident? If so, you’ll know firsthand that following recommended courses of action — while necessary — is not always easy. You can blame the difficulty of following these steps on the initial shock that follows a car accident. However, if you can only remember to do one thing after a car accident, the best place to start is to gather evidence. While states have different laws about what counts as evidence after a car accident, a good rule of thumb is to take photographs and videos on the scene. If possible, gather testimony from nearby witnesses to corroborate your photos and videos after the accident. With enough evidence, your personal injury lawyer will have more to go on when building your claims case. We will walk you through using witnesses, photos, and videos as evidence after a car accident, so you have a better chance to prove your innocence and claim the damages that are owed to you. Are Photos and Videos Admissible as Evidence? For most states, photos and videos are admissible as evidence. However, to use photos and videos as evidence, they need to be relevant to the car accident that just occurred. Photographs or videos need to document damages to both vehicles. Photographic and video graphic evidence can also prove injuries. For this reason, it is a good idea to photograph injuries even before emergency medical services arrive. Photos and videos are pivotal to a personal injury claims case. While there are ways to prove another driver’s negligence without these, tangible evidence like photos and videos will shorten the process. Are Witness Statements Admissible as Evidence? Witness statements are admissible as evidence during legal proceedings. Your attorney may use witness statements to confirm the findings yielded by photographic and video evidence. However, there is a caveat to the veracity of witness statements. When witnesses are called upon to offer statements, they must do so under oath. Anything said by a witness who is not under oath will be deemed as “hearsay” by most courts. How to Gather Evidence After a Car Accident Gathering evidence may seem like a daunting and complicated task, but in reality, the process is straightforward. All you need is your phone and something to record information on. Follow these easy steps to gathering tangible evidence to build your car accident injury case: 1. Leave Everything Unchanged and Unmoved Before taking videos and photos after a car accident, ensure that everything remains unchanged. Doing this will prevent accusations of you altering or tampering with evidence to suit your interests. Immediately after the incident, take out your phone to begin photographing and taking videos. 2. Take Photos or Videos of Both Vehicles Most drivers erroneously photograph only the damage sustained by their own vehicle. While this can help in an injury claim, it will do little to confirm the other driver’s negligence. For the best results, take pictures or videos of both vehicles. In addition to the damage, be sure to photograph your license plate as well as the other driver’s. Photographs showing both license plates will prove which vehicles were involved and the relevance of your photos as evidence. 3. Record Statements from Witnesses on the Scene If witnesses are present, you can gather statements from them after taking videos or photographs. You can take statements and write them down along with the contact details of the witnesses. Doing this will make things easier for your car accident injury attorney when they need follow-up statements. You may also record the statements of witnesses using your phone. You may take statements as videos or as recordings. Either way, have the witness disclose their names just in case your lawyer or the authorities need follow-up statements. Do You Need Legal Representation After a Car Accident? Give Us a Call Being in a car accident can leave a physical, psychological, and financial toll on you. However, help is available. With the right amount of evidence, you can file a personal injury claim to recover damages. Your chances of a successful claim significantly increase with the help of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can fight for you to receive a just and fair amount of compensation. Do not hesitate to reach out. Call car accident lawyer now for legal counsel and representation to get closer to the results you need after a car accident.
Lån med låg ränta
Det finns många anledningar till att människor söker personliga lån med låg ränta. Investeringar i hemmet eller upplevelser som kan förbättra ditt liv är alla godtagbara anledningar till att ta ett lån. Oavsett anledning finns det alltid lån att få som kan hjälpa till. En av de bästa metoderna för att söka och få ett lån idag är genom dedikerade lånesajter online. De erbjuder dagliga uppdateringar med databanken och ger dig en ärlig och opartisk bild av vad som kan vara tillgängligt för att uppfylla dina specifika lånebehov. En bra sajt som rekommenderas är https://www.xn--lnguide-exa.se som har lån med låg ränta. Så får du lån med låg ränta En av de första reglerna för lån är definitivt en av de viktigaste. Du måste komma ihåg att aldrig låna ett belopp som är över dina medel. Det näst viktigaste att komma ihåg när du ansöker om lån är att läsa det finstilta noggrant. Ganska ofta läser människor inte det finstilta och befinner sig fastspända i en mycket mindre än idealisk situation när det gäller villkoren för lånet. Tänk alltid på att det kan finnas en inlösenavgift som kan uppgå till så mycket som två månaders ränta, om du bestämmer dig för att du vill betala lånet i förtid. Det är alltid bäst att låta lånet löpa sin kurs och ta dig tid att betala av det. Detta kommer inte bara att hindra dig från att betala extra för räntan, det kommer att stärka ditt kreditbetyg i slutändan. Alternativ När du överväger vilken typ av lån som kan vara bäst för dina specifika omständigheter är det viktigt att förstå att många alternativ finns och alla har sina egna specifika fördelar. Det finns verkligen ingen bästa låneleverantör för alla individer som söker personliga lån, eftersom allas egna situationer är unika. Skillnader mellan lån utan och med säkerhet För dem som inte är säkra på skillnaden mellan säkrade och osäkrade personliga lån finns det några saker att tänka på och förstå. Personliga lån utan säkerhet har en mycket specifik uppsättning riktlinjer som följs, och lämnar i stort sett ett lån av detta slag på den mer hanterbara sidan. Några av de viktigaste faktorerna för lån utan säkerhet är: Maximal återbetalningstid på upp till 10 år Din upplåning baseras på din personliga kreditvärdighet Maximal upplåning är 500 000 kronor Säkrade personliga lån har också bestämmelser och är inte riktigt som lån utan säkerhet. I allmänhet söker någon som har mindre än idealisk kredit eller ingen kredit säkrade personliga lån. Dessa människor måste erbjuda någon form av säkerhet i stället för lånet som sannolikt är i vägen för ett hem eller en fastighet. Några av faktorerna i ett säkrat lån är följande: Maximal återbetalningstid på upp till 25 år Du måste använda din egendom som säkerhet mot lånet. Om du inte har försummat din återbetalning kan du förlora ditt hem Du kan låna mer än 500 000 (den maximala upplåningen varierar mellan långivare) https://archive.riksbank.se/sv/Webbarkiv/Publicerat/Tal/2010/Svensson-Varfor-lag-ranta-under-langre-tid/index.html
Digital Banking Platform Market.
The report "Global Digital Banking Platform Market, By Banking Type (Retail Banking and Corporate Banking), By Banking Mode (Online Banking and Mobile Banking), By Deployment Type (On-premises and Cloud), and Region - Global Forecast to 2029" Global digital banking platform market is projected to grow from US$ 4.0 billion in 2020 to US$ 12.1 billion by 2029. Increasing demand for digital banking platform among banks to deliver enhanced customer experience drives the global digital banking platform market. In addition, rising adoption of cloud-based platforms to obtain higher scalability is fueling the global digital banking platform market. Key Market Insights from the report:           The global digital banking platform market accounted for US$ 4.0 billion in 2020 and is projected to register a moderate CAGR of 13.1% over the forecast period. The market report has been segmented on the basis of banking types, banking mode, deployment type, and region. By banking type, the retail banking segment is accounted for major share in the global digital platform market. This is attributed to increasing number of channels, financial institutions are changing their operating processes to provide customers with premium services and improve their account management.  By banking mode, the online banking is dominated in the global digital banking platform market. This is owing to online banking is able to facilitate banks to offer banking services to end-users over the internet and also requires high level of process automation, web-based services, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By deployment type, the cloud deployment type segment is hold major share in the global digital banking platform market. This due to digital banking platform market tools offer several benefits, such as the rapid implementation of tools, reduced set up and operational costs, less maintenance costs, security, and ease of use. By region, North America digital banking platform is expected to account for major share in terms of revenue in the global digital banking platform market over the forecast period. This can be attributed to increasing use of digital banking platforms, coupled with growing adoption of new technologies and innovation in countries of the region. Asia Pacific digital banking platform is expected to account for fastest growing region in the target market in the near future. Browse 60 market data tables* and 35 figures* through 140 slides and in-depth TOC on "Global Digital Banking Platform Market”, By Banking Type (Retail Banking and Corporate Banking), By Banking Mode (Online Banking and Mobile Banking), By Deployment Type (On-premises and Cloud), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa)- forecast till 2029 To know the upcoming trends and insights prevalent in this market, click the link below Links https://www.prophecymarketinsights.com/market_insight/Global-Digital-Banking-Platform-Market-706 The prominent player operating in the global digital banking platform market include Appway AG, Backbase, Inc., CREALOGIX AG, Infosys Limited, Intellect Design Arena, Finastra Technology Inc, ETRONIKA, UAB, Groupe BPCE, Fiserv, Inc, and Kony, Inc. About Prophecy Market Insights Prophecy Market Insights is a specialized market research, analytics, marketing and business strategy, and solutions company that offer strategic and tactical support to clients for making well-informed business decisions and to identify and achieve high value opportunities in the target business area. Also, we help our client to address business challenges and provide best possible solutions to overcome them and transform their business. Contact Us: Sales Prophecy Market Insights Email- sales@prophecymarketinsights.com
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Chuyên trang Ngân Hàng Việt được sáng lập bởi Tác giả, Blogger, kiêm Cố vấn tài chính nổi tiếng Nguyễn Vũ với biệt danh: Vũ Hero – Một người có gần 7 năm kinh nghiệm trong việc xây dựng và phát triển website lĩnh việc tài chính ngân hàng và fintech. Website chính thức được đưa vào hoạt động từ tháng 06/2020 với sứ mệnh cung cấp, chia sẻ kiến thức, kinh nghiệm hữu ích dành cho khách hàng thường xuyên sử dụng các sản phẩm, dịch vụ ngân hàng. Sự ra đời của Ngân Hàng Việt hướng đến 3 mục tiêu chính: - Xây dựng và phát triển website trở một kênh cẩm nang tài chính ngân hàng số 1 tại Việt Nam mà ở đó bất cứ ai cũng có thể chia sẻ những kiến thức, kinh nghiệm mình đã biết, đã gặp phải trong quá trình sử dụng dịch vụ. - Cung cấp công cụ cần thiết hỗ trợ khách hàng: Quy đổi tỷ giá ngân hàng, tra cứu giá vàng, tìm kiếm chi nhánh phòng giao dịch, cây ATM gần nhất, tính lãi suất tiền gửi, tính số tiền vay phải trả, tính số tiền có thể vay dựa vào khả năng tài chính và nhiều công cụ hữu ích khác. - Tư vấn, giải đáp miễn phí cho khách hàng có nhu cầu tìm hiểu về các sản phẩm tài chính hoặc khách hàng gặp phải vướng mắc trong quá trình sử dụng dịch vụ ngân hàng. Thành tựu đạt được: Tính đến thời điểm hiện tại, sau nhiều năm làm việc với tinh thần trách nhiệm và sự chuyên nghiệp, website Ngân Hàng Việt đã đạt được những dấu mốc quan trọng. Trong đó, nổi bật nhất là con số người dùng truy cập website hàng tháng cán mốc 1 Triệu User vào tháng 10/2021. Đây được xem là thành công ngoài mong đợi mà đội ngũ chúng tôi luôn tự hào. Không những thế, cùng với sự nỗ lực không ngừng nghỉ suốt nhiều năm, chúng tôi đã tiếp nhận số lượng lên đến hơn 100.000 khách hàng đăng ký tư vấn miễn phí. Trong số đó, mặc dù nhân lực hạn chế nhưng chúng tôi cũng đã hỗ trợ giải đáp cho hơn 70.000 khách hàng, đạt tỷ lệ lên đến 70%. Tiếp bước những con số tuyệt vời đó, đội ngũ Ngân Hàng Việt cam kết tiếp tục cố gắng và phấn đấu hơn nữa để đạt được nhiều thành tựu lớn hơn trong tương lai nhằm mang lại nhiều giá trị nhất dành cho người dùng tại Việt Nam. Thông tin liên hệ: - Website: https://nganhangviet.org - Địa chỉ: M4 - Mipec City View, 120 Hoàng Công, Kiến Hưng, Hà Đông, Hà Nội - Hotline: 0972.688.622 - Email: lienhe.nganhangviet@gmail.com - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nganhangviet.org/ - Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nganhangviet/ - Google Site: https://sites.google.com/view/nganhangvietorg/ - Weebly: https://nganhangvietorg.weebly.com/ - Tumbl: https://nganhangvietorg.tumblr.com/ - Wordpress: https://blognganhangviet.wordpress.com/ - Blogger: https://nganhangviet-org.blogspot.com/ - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3q1p2X05Dnvug-MbYyLJLw - About me: https://about.me/nganhangviet.org
Muốn vay gấp trong ngày - Nên chọn Vayhay
Không phải ngẫu nhiên mà Vayhay được khách hàng tin tưởng sử dụng. Cùng điểm qua 4 lý do sau để tìm câu trả lời nhé: Độ phủ sóng rộng, uy tín  Với những ai thường xuyên sử dụng dịch vụ vay online thì không còn xa lạ với Vay Hay. Với độ phủ sóng rộng khắp 63 tỉnh thành, Vayhay đã và đang là đơn vị cho chuyên cho vay tiền nhanh được nhiều khách hàng tin tưởng. Công ty đã giúp giải quyết nhanh chóng các vấn đề tài chính cấp bách. Không chỉ với các khách hàng cá nhân mà cả với các doanh nghiệp. Thủ tục giải quyết nhanh chóng Điểm nổi bật đầu tiên khi vay tiền tại Vayhay là yêu cầu của bạn sẽ được giải quyết nhanh chóng. Thông thường, một giao dịch vay tiền sẽ phải mất từ 2-3 ngày thì tiền mới được chuyển về tài khoản của bạn.  Tại Vayhay, các thủ tục đã được tinh gọn, đơn giản hóa với thời gian duyệt nhanh chóng. Chắc chắn bạn sẽ nhận được tiền ngày trong ngày. Đây là vấn đề được rất nhiều khách hàng quan tâm. Nhất là những khách hàng có nhu cầu vay tiền gấp trong ngày. Hình thức vay trả đa dạng Khi đi vay tiền, nhất là vay tiền gấp trong ngày, khách hàng thường quan tâm đến hình thức, lãi suất vay, hạn mức vay cũng như phương thức vay,… Đến với Vayhay, bạn không còn phải băn khoăn về các vấn đề này. Công ty cam kết đem đến cho khách hàng những ưu đãi hấp dẫn nhất.  Một số công ty khi cho vay thông thường chỉ có một số hình thức nhất định. Tại Vayhay bạn có thể tùy ý lựa chọn các hình thức vay. Nếu bạn đã cần vay tiền gấp trong ngày, bạn có thể chọn một trong các hình thức vay sau: vay tiền nhanh bằng CMND, vay tiền online, vay tiền trả góp theo chu kỳ hoặc vay tiền nóng.  Bên cạnh việc đa dạng hình thức vay, Vay Hay còn đa dạng về hạn mức vay. Khách hàng cho thể chọn các gói vay với các hạn mức nhỏ như từ 1 – 3 triệu, từ 3 – 5 triệu hoặc từ 5- 10 triệu đến các khoản vay trung bình như 100 – 200 triệu đồng hay các khoản vay hạn mức như 500 triệu – 1 tỷ. Thời hạn vay bạn cũng được tùy ý lựa chọn. Có thể ngắn hạn từ 10 – 90 ngày hay dài hạn 6 – 60 tháng. Về lãi suất vay, hàng tháng tại Vayhay luôn có các chương trình ưu đãi hấp dẫn. Ngoài ra, vào các dịp lễ hoặc kỷ niệm, nhằm mục đích tri ân khách hàng, công ty cũng tung ra nhiều gói ưu đãi về lãi suất hấp dẫn. Thông tin vay bảo mật tuyệt đối Vayhay sở hữu hệ thống bảo mật thông tin chắc chắn. Công ty cam kết mọi thông tin của quý khách sẽ được bảo mật tuyệt đối. Công ty cam kết không cung cấp thông tin cho đơn vị thứ 3.  Thủ tục vay tiền gấp trong ngày tại Vayhay Để thực hiện vay tiền gấp tại Vayhay, bạn cần đáp ứng một vài điều kiện cơ bản sau đây: - Là công dân Việt Nam đang sinh sống, làm việc tại lãnh thổ Việt Nam - Độ tuổi từ 18 – 60 tuổi (tùy mỗi ngân hàng sẽ có yêu cầu về độ tuổi khác nhau) - Có CMND/CCCD rõ ràng, không mờ, rách - Có tài khoản tại một trong các ngân hàng trên lãnh thổ Việt Nam. Quy trình vay tiền gấp trong ngày tại Vay Hay Khi cần vay tiền gấp trong ngày, bạn nên thực hiện các bước sau: Bước 1: Truy cập vào website: https://vayhay.vn và điền các thông tin cá nhân ( họ tên, số điện thoại, số CMND/CCCD,…) và số tiền cần vay Bước 2: Sau đó bạn chọn gói Vay phù hợp với nhu cầu của mình và nhấn chọn “Đăng ký ngay”. Bước 3: Vay Hay sẽ tiếp nhận thông tin của bạn, sau đó xét duyệt, kiểm tra và xác nhận thông tin. Bước 4: Thông tin chính xác thì thủ tục duyệt vay sẽ được thông qua. Kết quả sẽ được gửi về cho bạn qua SMS/Email theo hình thức thông báo mà bạn lựa chọn. Bước 5: Số tiền cần vay sẽ được chuyển về số tài khoản đã đăng ký. Sau khi vay tiền tại Vayhay, khi đến thời gian phải nộp lãi suất hoặc tới hạn thanh toán, thông báo sẽ được gửi đến bạn. Bạn vui lòng thực hiện đầy đủ các thủ tục thanh toán trong thời gian quy định. Việc thanh toán đúng hạn không chỉ giúp bạn hạn chế phát sinh lãi cộng dồn mà còn giúp bạn thuận lợi hơn trong những lần vay vốn tiếp theo.  Hy vọng, với những thông tin mà Vayhay cung cấp sẽ giúp bạn giải đáp các thắc mắc và tin tưởng hơn. Nếu có nhu cầu vay tiền, còn chần chừ gì mà không liên hệ với Vayhay để được giải quyết nhanh chóng!
What is a bank, its types, functions and importance. Bank
What is Bank (What is Banking) Talking In Simple Words, A Bank Is A Financial Institution, Where The Public Deposits Their Money So That They Can Withdraw Those Money When Needed. Apart From This, The Bank Provides Loans To The Needy Public, Which Is Later Repaid By The Public Back To The Bank With Interest. In Other Words, A Bank Is Such An Establishment That Is Certified By The Government And Keeps Public Money Safe, Gives Interest On That Money And Provides Loans To The Needy People. For The Transaction Of Money In Any Bank, An Account Is Required In That Bank Which Is Called Bank Account . Customers Can Do Money Transactions In The Bank Only Through The Bank Account. The Bank Works According To A System Under Which It Provides Financial Services To The Public, Which Is Called Banking System. What is Full Form of Bank The Full Form Of Bank Is Borrowing, Accepting, Negotiating, Keeping. Borrowing – Borrowing Accepting Negotiating Keeping How Does Bank Work? It Is Quite Easy To Explain How A Bank Works. Bank Provides Many Types Of Facilities To The Public And A Person Needs A Bank Account To Avail The Facilities Of The Bank. When A Bank Opens A Bank Account Of A Person, It Makes That Person Its Customer. People Deposit Their Money In Banks To Keep Them Safe to How to transfer money from my mind to my bank account. Now Many Such Needy People Need Loans For Their Various Types Of Work, For Which They Go To The Banks. The Bank Gives The Money Deposited By The Public In A Loan To The Needy People At Some Percentage Rate Of Interest. The Additional Interest Charged By The Bank Is The Profit Of The Bank, In The Same Way That The Bank Earns Money. Banks Also Give Some Percentage Of Interest To The Depositor, Due To Which The Person Who Deposits Money In The Bank Also Benefits. Type of Bank Banks Are Also Of Different Types To Perform Different Types Of Tasks. Below We Have Given You Information About Some Of The Major Types Of Banks – #1 – Commercial Bank Commercial Bank Is Also Called Commercial Bank, Commercial Bank Or Commercial Bank In threshold limit meaning in banking . Commercial Banks Are Regulated Under The Banking Regulation Act, 1949. These Types Of Banks Have Been Created For The Purpose Of Making Profit. The Role Of The Commercial Bank Is Very Important In The Economic Organization Of The Country. Commercial Banks Deposit Public Money And Give Loans To The Public And The Government. There Are Also Four Types Of Commercial Banks. Public Sector Banks (Public Sector Banks ) - Public Sector Banks Are Called Those Banks In Which The Government Has A Higher Percentage Stake, what is threshold limit in banking That Means The Government's Stake In Such Banks Is More Than 50 Percent And The Rest Is Held By The Shareholders. It Occurs. SBI Is The Largest Public Sector Bank In India. Private Sector Bank (Private Sector Banks ) – Private Sector Banks Are Called Those Banks In Which The Majority Stake Is Not Of The Government Of India But Of The Shareholders. There Are Private Sector Banks Like ICICI, HDFC, Axis Etc. In India. Regional Rural Bank ( Regional Rural Bank ) – Regional Rural Bank Is Called Those Banks Which Operate On The Regional In Different States. These Banks Are Commonly Known As Gramin Banks. There Are Total 43 Regional Rural Banks In India. https://www.thestudyiq.com/2019/02/reserve-bank-of-india-and-its-functions.html Foreign Bank ( Foreign Bank ) - Foreign Bank Is Called Those Banks Whose Headquarters Are Outside The Country.how to transfer money from my mind to bank account All The Three Types Of Banks Mentioned Above Have To Follow The Rules Of RBI, But The Foreign Bank Also Has To Follow The Rules Of The Other Country, Where They Are Headquartered Along With RBI. At Present There Are 46 Foreign Banks In India. #2 – Scheduled Bank Scheduled Banks Are Those Banks Whose Name Is Included In The Second Schedule Of The Reserve Bank Of India Act, 1934. The Aggregate Value Of Paid-Up-Capital And Reserves Of Such Banks Should Be A Minimum Of Rs 5 Lakh And Scheduled Banks Have To Satisfy RBI That Their Business Is Not Being Carried On In Any Such Manner. Which Is Against The Interests Of The Depositor. If A Bank Does Not Follow These Rules Of RBI, Then RBI Can Remove Them From Its Schedule. RBI Provides Loans To Scheduled Banks At Bank Rates. #3 – Co – Operative Bank Co-Operative Banks Have Been Established Under The Co-Operative Societies Act, 1912. These Types Of Banks Work On The Principle Of No Profit No Loss. The Main Function Of These Banks Is To Provide Emergency Loans To Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Industries, Self-Employed And Farmers Of The Country in which country unit banking system started. Co-Operative Banks Are Playing An Important Role In The Development Of The Country. #4 – Development Bank These Types Of Banks Are Established In A Particular Area. The Main Objective Of These Banks Is To Develop In The Area. Development Banks Provide Long Term Loans For Businesses To The People In Their Area So That The Area Can Develop. #5 – Exchange Bank If You Have Currency Of Any Other Country Then You Can Convert Foreign Currency To Indian Rupee In Exchange Bank. And If You Are Planning To Travel To Another Country, Then You Can Convert Your Currency Into Foreign Currency Through Exchange Bank. The Main Function Of tdr full form An Exchange Bank Is To Exchange Currencies. #6 – Payment Bank Payment Bank Is A Modern Type Of Bank Whose Main Objective Is To Provide Banking Facilities In Far Flung Villages And Towns. Payment Banks Have Been Opened To Promote Financial Inclusion So That People From All Walks Of Life Can Avail Banking Facilities. #7 – Industrial Bank Industrial Banks Are Those Banks That Provide Loans For Equipment Used In Industries. There Are Very Few Industrial Banks In India But There Are Many Industrial Banks Abroad for mmid full form. #8 – Central Bank Central Banks Are The Apex Banks Of Any Country Which Give Directions To The Banking System Of The Whole Country. All The Banks In The Country Work Under The Central Bank. The Central Bank Is Wholly Owned By The Government. Apart From Managing The Banking System Of The Country, Central Banks Have Many Functions. There Is Only One Central Bank In All Countries. The Central Bank Of India Is RBI ( Reserve Bank Of India ). History of Banking in India The Bank Was Started In India In 1720. The First Bank In India Was Bank Of Bombay Which Was Closed In 1770. In The Same Year, Another Bank Named Bank Of Hindustan Was Started In India, But In 1832 This Bank Also Closed. The Bank Of Calcutta Was Started In India In The Year 1806, Which Later Merged With The State Bank Of India. SBI Was Established On 1 July 1955. Today SBI Is The Largest Public Sector Bank In India, Which Has More Than 22 Thousand Branches All Over India. idfc first bank ifsc code and SBI Also Has 190 International Branches In 36 Different Countries. The Oldest Public Sector Bank In India Is Allahabad Bank, Which Was Established In 1865. In The Year 2020, Allahabad Bank Got Merged With Indian Bank. The First Overseas Bank In India Was Opened By The Bank Of India In The Year 1956 In London. Today, There Are Many Modern Technology Banks In India, Which Do The Work Related To The Money Of The Customers In A Jiffy. Work of Bank There Are Many Types Of Functions Of A Bank To Strengthen The Economy Of A Country. We Have Given You The Details Of Some Of The Major Functions Of The Bank Below – fino0000001 The Bank Makes A Safe Deposit Or Deposits Of Public Money, And Later People Can Withdraw The Money Deposited By Them From The Bank As Per The Requirement. The Bank Provides Loans To The Needy People At A Fixed Rate Of Interest. You Can Also Send Money To Your Family Members Sitting In Other Countries Through The Bank. The Bank Provides The Facility Of Online Banking, Check Etc. To The Customers To Send Money To Other Countries. The Bank Opens Several Types Of Bank Accounts For Its Customers. Any Person Can Open Any Type Of Bank Account In The Bank As Per The Requirement. With The Opening Of A Bank Account, The Bank Provides Its Customers With The Facility Of Internet Banking , Debit Card And Credit Card , Bank Passbook , Bank Cheque , NEFT And RTGS Etc., Which Provide Ease Of Transaction To The Customers. Banks Provide Lockers Facility To Their Customers In Which Customers Can Keep Their Important Documents, Valuables Etc. Safe. Banks Give Loans To The Government, The Money Which The Government Invests In Development Works for idib bank ifsc code. Banks Also Give Financial Advice To The Government And Provide Assistance In The Work Of The Government. Banks Can Send Money To Any Bank Account Through UPI Without Any Extra Charges. Features of Bank There Are Many Types Of Features Of A Bank, Out Of Which We Have Told You Some Of The Main Features Below – 1 - Bank deals with money The Main Feature Of A Bank Is That The Bank Deals In All The Transactions Related To Money. For Example, You Can Deposit Your Money In A Bank Account To Save It Safely, And You Get Interest On That Money. Hence, This Is The Easiest Way To Grow Your Money Without Any Risk of bank of baroda borivali west. Also, If You Need Money, You Can Borrow It From The Bank At A Fixed Rate Of Interest. For Example, You Can Borrow Money From The Bank To Build Your House, However, You Have To Return The Money Borrowed From The Bank To The Bank Along With Interest. 2 - Banks earn money by providing loans Banks Provide Various Types Of Loans To Their Customers, Which Later Have To Be Repaid With Interest To The Customers. The Bank Earns Extra Money By Giving Loans To The Customers At Certain Percentage Rate Of Interest. Nowadays, Banks Offer Loans For Various Needs Like Education Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan Etc. Different Banks Offer Different Loans At Different Interest Rates. 3- Bank can be any individual, firm or institution . As We Had Known In The Definition Of The Bank That The Main Function Of The Bank Is To Deposit Public Money And Provide Loans To The Public When Needed. If Any Person Does This Work Then He Can Also Be A Bank. In This Way A Bank Can Be An Individual, Company, Firm Or Institution. 4 – The bank provides the facility of payment and withdrawal A Bank Provides Various Payment And Withdrawal Services To The Customers, So That It Becomes Easy For The Customers To Transact. Customers Can Withdraw Money From ATMs Of Various Banks Established From Any Other City Through Debit Card . The Debit Card Is Directly Linked By The Bank, So The Customer Can Withdraw Money Anywhere In The World Without Having To Go To The Bank and sbi vidyanagar ifsc code. 5 – Banks provide internet banking facility Another Major Feature Of The Bank Is That The Banks Provide The Facility Of Internet Banking. The Development In The Internet And Its Inclusion In The Banking Sector Has Made Many Types Of Transactions Of People Very Easy. Almost All Banks Have Online Applications, With The Help Of Which You Can Pay Bills, Shop Online, Recharge Mobiles Even If You Do Not Have Cash. With The Help Of Banking Application, You Can Make Online Payment Everywhere. 6 – Branches of the bank are available in different regions Branch(S) Of Most Of The Banks Are Present At Different Places So That The Banks Earn More Profit By Adding More People With Them. Many Banks Are Also Opening Their Branches In Rural Areas. People Can Ask The Bank For Any Kind Of Problem By Visiting Their Nearest Branch. 7 - With the development in technology, banks are also increasing their efficiency As Technology Progressed, Banks Also Focused On Their Functionality, Today Banks Are Not Only Limited To Depositing Money And Giving Loans, But Banks Provide Advance Facilities Like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking To The Customers, So That Customers Can Avail Cashless Bank Services. Take Advantage Of. What is a Bank Account Bank Account Or Bank Account Is A Financial Account Provided By Banks To Their Customers, In Which All The Transactions Between The Bank And The Customer Are Recorded. For Any Person To Transact With The Bank, An Account Or Account Is Required Which Is Called A Bank Account. Through The Bank Account Itself, The Bank Makes People Its Customers. To Take Advantage Of The Services Provided By Any Bank, It Is Very Important For The Customer To Have A Bank Account. Types of Bank Account When Any Customer Opens His Account In The Bank, He Gets The Option To Open Mainly 4 Types Of Bank Accounts. Every Bank Account Has Its Own Terms And Conditions. Let Us Know About All Those 4 Types Of Bank Accounts – Current Account Savings Account Fixed Deposit Account Recurring Deposit Account #1 – Current Account Current Account Is Such An Account In Which Cash Flow Is Very Fast, That Means There Is Continuous Transaction Going On In The Account. In This Type Of Account, The Rate Of Deposit And Withdrawal Remains Almost The Same. The Account Holder Does Not Get Any Kind Of Interest On Keeping Money In The Current Account. In The Current Account, The Bank Takes Some Charge From The Customer To Provide Its Facility. You Have To Maintain Minimum Balance In Current Account. This Balance May Vary According To The Locations And Banks. In Most Metro Cities The Minimum Balance Is Rs 10000 And In Non Metro Cities The Minimum Balance Is Rs 7000. If A Current Account Account Holder Is Not Able To Maintain The Minimum Balance, Then The Bank Charges Some Additional Fee From Him. Therefore It Is Very Important To Maintain Minimum Balance In The Current Account. #2 – Savings Account People Use Savings Account To Deposit Their Money In The Bank. Cash Flow Is Very Slow In This Type Of Bank Account. Meaning That Account Holders Deposit More Money In Savings Account And Withdraw Very Less. To Open A Savings Account, A Certain Amount Has To Be Deposited In The Bank As Prescribed By The Bank. Which Mostly Ranges From Rs 100 To Rs 1000. This Amount Varies According To Different Banks. Interest Is Also Given By The Bank On Depositing Money In The Savings Account. You Can Withdraw Money From Savings Account And Deposit It At Any Time. #3 – Fixed Deposit Account Fixed Deposit Account Is Also Known As FD In Common Language. In This Type Of Bank Account, You Have To Deposit A Certain Amount Of Money In The Bank At One Go For A Certain Period Of Time, And When That Time Period Is Over, You Can Withdraw Your Money With Interest. On FD Account, You Get More Interest As Compared To Savings Account. But If You Withdraw Your Money Before The Time Period, Then The Bank Can Also Impose A Penalty On You. Fixed Deposit Is A Good Option For Those People Who Have A Large Amount Of Money Deposited Which They Do Not Want To Use Right Now. Almost All Banks Like SBI, PNB, ICICI Etc. Provide Facility To Open Fixed Deposit Account. #4 – Recurring Deposit Account Recurring Deposit Account Is Called RD In Common Language. In This Type Of Bank Account, You Have To Deposit A Fixed Amount Every Month In The Bank For A Fixed Time Period. And When That Time Period Is Over Then You Can Withdraw Your Money With Interest. Like FD, Interest Is Also Higher On RD, But If You Withdraw Money Before The Time Period, Then The Bank Can Also Impose A Penalty On You. Recurring Deposit Account Is A Good Option For Those People Who Work On A Fixed Salary And Want To Save Some Money For Their Future. Advantages of Bank Today, The Transaction Process That We Are Doing So Easily, All This Has Been Possible Because Of The Banks. A Bank Has Many Advantages. Some Of The Major Advantages Of Banks Are As Follows – The Bank Pays Interest To Its Customers On Deposits. Bank Is The Best Way To Increase Money For Free Without Taking Any Risk. The Bank Provides Various Types Of Loans To The Needy People. You Can Take Different Types Of Loans From The Bank For Building A House, Studying, Buying A Car, For Your Personal Work. With The Credit Card Facility Of The Bank, You Can Make Purchases Even If You Do Not Have Enough Money. With The Help Of Debit Card, You Can Withdraw Money Through ATM In Any City Or Country. Through The Online Application Of Banks, You Can See The Complete Details Of Your Bank Account From The Mobile Sitting At Home. You Can Also Transact Money From Abroad Through The Bank. With The Bank Having Branches In All The Areas, Customers Can Visit Their Nearest Branch And Make Any Kind Of Enquiry. Disadvantage of Bank Along With The Advantages Of The Bank, It Also Has Some Disadvantages. However, The Disadvantages Of The Bank Are Very Less As Compared To The Advantages Of The Bank. If You Take A Loan From The Bank, Then You Have To Repay It With Interest. That Is, You Are Also Giving Such Money To The Bank Which You Have Not Used At All. When The Bank Does Not Have Enough Money To Pay The Customers, There Is A Possibility Of The Bank Going Bankrupt. In Case Of Bankrupt (Bankrupt) Of The Bank, Customers Can Lose Their Money. While People Got The Facility From Internet Banking, On The Other Hand There Is Also A Possibility Of Fraud In Online Banking. Many People Lose Their Property Worth Millions Of Crores In Online Fraud. Services of Bank The Bank Provides A Variety Of Services To Its Customers Such As – Opening Bank Accounts Of Customers Passbook Debit And Credit Cards Checks And Drafts Online, Internet And Mobile Banking Currency Exchange (Any Foreign Currency Can Be Converted Into Indian Currency) Banks Provide Many Types Of Services To Their Customers To Facilitate Transactions Abroad. Importance of Bank The Role Of Banks In The Economic Development Of The Country Is Very Important. Banks Can Deposit Public Money In The Form Of Deposits And Invest Those Money In The Development Works Of The Country. The Country's Central Bank Operates The Country's Monetary System. Regional Banks Play An Important Role In The Development Of Various Regions Of The Country. Banks Make The Convenience Of Customers' Transactions Easy. The Bank Acts As An Intermediary Between The Capitalists And The Needy. The Bank Creates Capital And Gives Loans To Use It For The Economic Development Of The Country. Bank FAQ What Is A Bank?A Bank Is A Financial Institution That Deposits Public Money Safely And Provides Loans To The Needy People With A Certain Percentage Rate Of Interest. What Is The Name Of Bank In Hindi?The Name Of The Bank In Hindi Is Adhikosh. What Is The Full Form Of Bank?The Full Form Of Bank Is Borrowing, Accepting, Negotiating, Keeping. How Does The Bank Make Money?The Bank Provides Loans To The Needy People, Which The Bank Takes Back With Interest. Which Is This Interest, From Here The Bank Mainly Earns Money. Which Is The Largest Bank In India?The Largest Bank Of India Is State Bank Of India. You learned: What is a bank In This Article You Have Learned That Bank Kya Hai In Hindi And How Many Types Of Banks Are There . Along With This, In This Article, We Have Also Provided You Information About The Functions, Features, Importance, Services, Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Bank. Banks Are Very Important For The Economic Development Of Every Country And The Facilities Provided By The Bank And Bank Are Important For Every Person, And Everyone Must Take Advantage Of The Services Of The Bank. That's All In This Article, How Did You Like This Article Written By Us, Do Tell In The Comment Box, And Also Share This Article With Your Friends On Social Media.
How to deal with a car accident in the UAE and its fines?
Car accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons and more often than not, negligence constitutes a key contributing factor. Fines are typically imposed for traffic violations in accordance with the Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 Concerning Traffic and its amendments (‘Traffic Law’). The list of fines for traffic violations is often updated annually and regularly published by all emirates. 3 Important Steps to Follow When Involved in a Vehicular Accident: 1. Report the Accident In cases of serious injury or damage, contact the police on the emergency number 999, and request an ambulance service, if needed. At the same time, if it is a minor car accident, then the non-emergency police helpline can be contacted at 901. In Dubai, all minor accident cases can be reported in an easy application process by using the website of Dubai police, and you can place your accident report online and then obtain the police report as well. You might also be requested to share pictures of the accident through the application. 2. Obtain Police Report When an accident is reported to the police, they will take measures to identify the defaulting party by accessing the scene, photographs and other digital means. Upon completion of the checks, a police report will be issued, which constitutes the most important document ascertaining the accident and is also required in proceeding with insurance claims. 3. Insurance Claim It is crucial to immediately contact your vehicle insurance provider and to report the accident and the probable damages. Once the police report is obtained, it is required to be provided to the insurance company, to be eligible for the insurance claim. UAE enforces strict traffic laws to further its goal for safer roads. While minor traffic violations might invite-only fines, for the more serious traffic violations, stricter penalties, including jail terms, can be imposed, especially when the safety of others is put at risk. For instance, reckless driving could invite fines, black points and confiscation of the vehicle. The website of the Dubai Police states as follows. Driving a vehicle in a way that jeopardizes the driver or others’ lives or their safety or security or driving a vehicle in a way that may cause damage to the public and private facilities: AED 2,000 in fines; 23 black points and the vehicle confiscation period of 60 days for light vehicles. However, for more serious traffic violations, the penalties are adjudged by the Court and may include imprisonment and fines. This is in respect of more serious offences such as: * Driving under the influence of Alcohol * Driving under the influence of drugs or brain affecting substances or any other similar items * Causing someone’s death * Causing a serious accident or injuries https://www.professionallawyer.me/legal-articles/criminal-law/how-to-deal-with-a-car-accident-in-uae-and-its-fines
What Are The Ways to Return a BHPH Car?
A buy here pays here vehicle is a vehicle purchased at a dealership that is not a traditional car dealer. It is a new dealership focused on selling directly to consumers rather than to car dealers. It is often seen as a form of financing because a portion of the payment is made up of a loan, with payments made to the dealership. You can definitely walk away from the dealership within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with the deal. However, when you ask how long do you have to wait to return a new car? The answer is simple yet complex. Hence, here we are to discuss three steps for returning a buy here pay here car: 1- The first step for returning a buy here pay here car is to find out if the dealership will work with you to get the car back. Many buy here pay here dealerships will work with you if you can provide proof of ownership such as a title or bill of sale for the vehicle. 2- The second step is to find and contact a lawyer who handles buy here pay here cases and have them help you follow the vehicle’s path. This can be not easy, but having a lawyer on your side will ensure you know your rights. The biggest challenge will be determining who to go to. If you are not sure where to go, a buy here pay here consultant can help. 3- The last step for returning a buy here pay here car is to get the car back. Sometimes buy here, pay here dealerships will work with you to help in this process and will even be willing to help you track down the car. Once you have the car back and you’ve worked out the buy here pay here arrangement with the dealership, you can file for the vehicle’s return. Along with the points that are mentioned above, you will be open to three other options: 1- You can return the car to the BHPH lot 2- You can find a buyer and sell it yourself 3- You can also trade it to some other dealer To end: If you find your car disturbing or you’re not satisfied with being an owner, you have all the right to back out of the deal. Nowadays, dealers play tricks so that customers do not have the option to cancel the contract. That is why it was important to know how long do you have to wait to return a car? What are the different steps included in returning a buy here pay here car? You can only answer these questions when you’re aware of the entire process. Andrew Richardson is the author of this Article. To know more about Odometer change please visit our website: allenstewart.com